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AWHA NSW Branch - GALA Weekend Report Show Classes Page 1

AWHA Ltd. (NSW Branch)
Annual Open Warmblood Gala Show

June 11th & 12th June 2005
Sydney International Equestrian Centre Horsley Park.

Show Classes - Page 1
Report and Pictures Berni Saunders.

Sunday Classes – Juniors

The entries in some of the show classes were disappointing and certainly a missed opportunity for breeders who should be using this fantastic weekend to show everyone their lovely horses. I tried to get pictures of all of the horses so that this report becomes a permanent keepsake of the weekend and a reminder for future buyers and breeders.

Progeny classes in Europe are a must and everyone with an interest in Warmbloods comes along to see the young stock which may go on to be another "Poetin" (a 3 YO Warmblood mare who sold to a Dutch family for 2.4 million Euros. She was a Young Horse Champion at a similar show to the Gala weekend, and her show success saw spirited bidding at auction time and a world record price for a performance horse.

The AWHA Victorian and NSW Branch Committee both work tirelessly to put on a world class event to enable Australian breeders to promote their horses. For Warmblood owners who have just one or two horses, it is not so much a case of promoting their business as showing off their training and presentation skills. In both cases it is a great event that could do so much more for the breed.

Claire Lynch said " the numbers are creeping up and people are realising that the success of the early AWHA Gala Weekends in Sydney and Melbourne are what saw the enthusiastic uptake of the breed as the preferred riding horse and these days people do not seem to be prepared to make the effort to show them. With so many stallions available to the Australian breeders through frozen semen, progeny classes like this one are the only place where people can see what is being produced and assess temperament and type. It is impossible to check out these things from the videos that are produced to sell the stallions.

We have made the commitment to provide a top level show and feel that we owe it to our members to support their activities and give them this opportunity to show what they are producing. Australia is still behind some European trends, but we are catching up fast"

Claire acknowledged the importance of securing good quality judges who have a wealth of experience and are not biased. "We have two great people from Victoria this year . Norman Hubble is well known in his state and has been involved in warmblood breeding for many years and Roz Moffat who has been involved in all aspects of the horse industry" Clare told me.

Roz Moffat

Norman Hubble

Roz and Charlie Moffatt travelled extensively with their star showjumper Mulga Bill and put Australia on the map - not only for great horses, but colourful characters like Charlie made as big an impression as his wonderful Clydie cross gelding. The Moffatt's have operated the Kelso Equestrian Centre in Narre Warren for 20 years and well understand the importance of having good horses to work with.

Norman's stunning Rituel foal Cherrymount Ritscar (pictured right) was the Champion foal at the 2005 Victorian Gala Day. He is from a mare by Lucano (as are all of Norman's brood mares).

Following this success and the lovely photo shown on Cyberhorse, Norman has had people wanting to buy the colt. "He is not for sale" Norm said, "He will be my net Dressage horse!"


Bridle No.

Led 94 season foal born up to and including November 2004 sponsored by the “Equissentials” (02 4683 1762)


Jaybee Carlos


Jaybee Carlos was lead out very well by Tor van Den Berge
He is by the supersire Carbine from
Jaybee Acacia


Silver Hills Grandiosa


Silver Hills Grandiosa, bred and Owned by Silver Hills Farm.

Stud Manager Bronwyn Doong was delighted
with the behaviour and performance
of the lovely filly by their stallion Belcam Graphic. "She has her dad's temperament"
said Bronwyn. (call 02 4659 6231
If you are looking for a stallion
for the coming season)
Bronwyn was the event organiser for Saturday's
Dressage and worked very hard to make it work
for everyone who was involved. Well done!


Ramana Park Rhapsody


Ramana Park Rhapsody and Greg Shepherd
He is by Arundel House Amaani from Virtuoso


Conamy Blushing Bride


With so many sights and sounds poor little Conamy Blushing Bride
took fright and when she reached the end of the rope leapt and then dropped
to the ground. She lay there winded and very sorry for herself.

Conamy Blushing Bride rose and seemed non the worse for her
experience, but she was reluctant to run out and was taken back to her box to rest.
She is by Belcam Graphic from


Led 94 season foal born after November 2004 sponsored by “Equissentials” (02 4683 1762)


Matavia Gwydenn


Matavia Gwydenn by Gymnastik Star from Remi Waikerie


Ennovyar Picasso’s Dream


Ennovyar Picasso’s Dream is by Argentille Picasso from Kilwarran Valkyrie

Breeders Excellence Award for Best Foal of the Show
sponsored by Dr M & Mrs J Burgess

Jaybee Carlos

Dr Michael and Janet Burgess from Karinique Stud (02) 4869 1951
hold the magnificent bronze which they generously
donated as a 'perpetual' trophy.

Jaybee Carlos adds to the collection of trophies
that will go back to Queensland with Bev Edwards and her team.

Bev Edward's gorgeous trio ... from left
Jaybee Colleen, Jaybee Collette and Jaybee Carlos.
The three will probably not be photographed together again (unless in a future
progeny class) as Collette has been sold to a Mornington Peninsula Dressae rider.
The two mares are full sisters by Carbine from Stirling Coriander and
Jaybee Carlos is by Carbine from Jaybee Acacia.

AWHA (NSW Branch) 2005 GALA Weekend - Report Index
Sponsors Details Horse Details (Dam, Sire, Age)
Day 1 Dressage Day 2 Show Classes
Page 1 - About the Day Page 3 Led 3 YO's, Junior Champ.
Page 2 - Preliminary Page 4 Led 4-6 YO's.
Page 3 - Novice Page 5 Led Horses over 7 YO
Page 4 - Elementary Page 6 Led Mare 4-6, Progeny, Jun.
Page 5 - Medium/Advanced Page 7 Led Mare or Geld. under 2
Page 6 - Preparatory Page 8 Ridden 3 & 4 YO
Page 7 - Presentations Page 9 Ridden 6 & 7 YO
Page 10 Side Saddle & Junior Rider
Day 2 Show Classes Page 11 Show Hunter, Bridle Path
Page 1 Overview, Judges & '04 Foals Page 12 Show Hunter, Bridle Path
Page 2 Yearlings and 2 YO's Page 13 Friesians & Special Awards

Full Results for 2 Days of Competition

I have many high quality photos, If you would like to see proofs
send me an e-mail at bernis@cyberhorse.net.au

© Cyberhorse 2005 Berni Saunders


15 June 2024
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