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The Virtual Equestrian - EFA Articles

General: Equestrian Australia: Happy Holidays?
23/12/2009 EFA

General: FEI suspends introduction of 'Progressive List'
21/12/2009 EFA

Dressage: Para Equestrian Event Success!
16/12/2009 EFA

Showing: EA Show Horse & Rider Championships 2009
15/12/2009 EFA

Dressage: 2009 Saddleworld Dressage Festival Results
14/12/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Winner of Young Rider Series Announced
09/12/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Don't miss the finale!
09/12/2009 EFA

Dressage: Pacific League World Cup Final draws Dressage stars to Werribee
09/12/2009 EFA

General: Australia's first international Para-Equestrian event
06/12/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia - Movember
02/12/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia: Exell unbeatable in Stuttgart
25/11/2009 EFA

Dressage: WA State Associate Dressage Championships
19/11/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Shepparton CSI-W Results
19/11/2009 EFA

Eventing: Adeleaide heat wave affects Equestrian Trans-Tasman
12/11/2009 EFA

Dressage: Pryde's EasiFeed Dressage Championships
03/11/2009 EFA

General: Equestrain Australia: New National Board and Chair
02/11/2009 EFA

Dressage: Australian Dressage Championships - Final Results
01/11/2009 EFA

General: KER-RAP renews AET sponsorship
27/10/2009 EFA

General: EA welcomes Paul Cargill as new President
27/10/2009 EFA

Eventing: Equestrian Adelaide: Stars Confirmed..
24/10/2009 EFA

Dressage: Yarra Valley Dressage Club Results
21/10/2009 EFA

Dressage: Dressage Riders out to Impress in the lead-up to Kentucky
20/10/2009 EFA

Dressage: WA State Dressage Championships
13/10/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Equestrain Australia: Chugg Makes it a Hat Trick!
12/10/2009 EFA

Eventing: Candlebark Horse Trials 2009
12/10/2009 EFA

General: A Clash of the Olympians in Canberra
06/10/2009 EFA

Dressage: Dubbo - Orana Equestrian Club Dressage Championships
06/10/2009 EFA

General: Nation's Capital becomes Horse Capital
05/10/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia: Transitions!
30/09/2009 EFA

General: Para-Equestrian Powers towards bright future
29/09/2009 EFA

General: Para Equestrian Launch Press Release
24/09/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Melbourne Royal CSI-W Results
23/09/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia News
31/08/2009 EFA

Dressage: Saddleword Dressage Festival 2009 Press Release
31/08/2009 EFA

Showjumping: AUS leading Global Champions Tour
25/08/2009 EFA

Dressage: Boneo Park Equestrian Results
24/08/2009 EFA

Eventing: Equestrian Australia: AUS to Defend World Cup
22/08/2009 EFA

General: EA Advises Caution Against the use of Herbal or Natural Medicinal Products
21/08/2009 EFA

General: IBG Borrowed Horse Competition - Expressions of Interest
20/08/2009 EFA

Eventing: Equestrian Australia: Aussie Levett Third in Equestrian Open
19/08/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia: Para-Equestrian Nationals to be held in Sydney
18/08/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia - No Small Change
03/08/2009 EFA

Dressage: Narrogin Equestrian Association
09/06/2009 EFA

Eventing: All of a Sudden Megan Can't be Beaten
09/06/2009 EFA

General: Equestrian Australia - Winter Woos!
02/06/2009 EFA

General: Heath Ryan is expected to make a full recovery
20/05/2009 EFA

Eventing: Shane Rose to the Ooccasion
19/05/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Alexander Starts Season Well
14/05/2009 EFA

Eventing: Megan Wins Sydney WC Qualifier - Eventing
05/05/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Chugg Wins Sydney World Cup Jumping
04/05/2009 EFA

Showjumping: Vic Jumping Stables End of Seasons Champs Show
02/05/2009 EFA


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