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Royal Melbourne Horse Show - 6th January 2001
Champion Saddle Horse over 15 hands - Page 2


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Rhonda Hunt always dresses to impress and looks so very elegant.  Her lovely horse Opinion is 'my type' ... with lots of chrome and flowing movement.  He could just as easily be a dressage horse as a hack.
hackfinal2702.jpg (21333 bytes) Opinion worked very well as as I said before there would not have been very much to separate these beautiful hacks.
hackfinal577.jpg (18787 bytes) WS Jordan stepped out with confidence and flair - and why not - he has done all this before.

He has only been with Rachael Triffett for a relatively short time having been very successful with his previous owner Caroline Wagner (of Wagners Saddlery fame)

hackfinal5771.jpg (22037 bytes) It was very nice workout and the experience gained from working with Maree Tomkinson was evident in Rachael's presentation.
hackfinal5772.jpg (17213 bytes) A soft and flowing canter highlighted the work, and Rachael would have been thrilled with WS Jordan.
hackfinal2961.jpg (16634 bytes) Professional rider Mark Kiddle was next to go on Warranwood Dion, the nomination of Arlene Meursing and Mrs. J. Kay.

A bit more education will see this horse as a real threat to the top placegetters.

hackfinal2962.jpg (21647 bytes) Warranwood Dion lacked self carriage and balance - I thought that it was overly ambitious to try a flying change on a horse who is still lacking self carriage, as it did not come off and a simple change, well done would have been much better.
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