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Saturday 2nd. February 2002

Werribee Park - Page 2
belcamaaaction.jpg (14284 bytes) Reiner Kramer on his striking gelding Belcam Aaction - the double A suggests that he is by Aachen.

Reiner would have been please with the 6th and 7th in the Elementary classes, as at this level there are a  lot of very nice horses ... and well  trained to this standard of work.

boonoonahcitizen.jpg (24464 bytes) Boonoonah Citizen and Stephanie Gillespie finish their Elementary ride with a lovely relaxed free walk.
captainamerica.jpg (20234 bytes) Captain America and Amanda Cameron prepare to go before the judges of the Elementary class.
czarinanikita2.jpg (16246 bytes) Nicole Vanatta and her petite grey mare Czarina Nikita.  They are seen here in the early stages of their Grand Prix Ride - they were 4th.

Nicole has does a remarkable job to reach the highest level ...  and should be congratulated for her fantastic achievement.

duelstatusmcohl.jpg (28581 bytes) Joanne Foster on Duel Status McOhl,   walk around the arena in readiness for the commencement of their Novice ride.

They did a great job for 3rd. and 5th. 

fuerst1.jpg (16314 bytes) Fuerst and Sue Ogilvy took part in both Elementary tests.  Their performance lacked a little polish but the horse shows great potential.

They finished 15th in both rings.

kendaleecountryman2.jpg (20712 bytes) Kendalee Countryman and Dennis Hearn   In the very early part of their Grand Prix test.
kendaleecountryman1.jpg (19432 bytes) Kendalee Countryman is a very trainable horse with a terrific attitude to his work. Dennis has done a great job with this horse and has worked through the grades to be very competitive at Grand Prix.   They were = 2nd. today.

Look at the expression in his Passage !!!

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