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Victorian Dressage Championships Fundraiser 
Saturday 2nd. February 2002

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Around about this time each year the EFA (Vic Branch) conducts a 'fund raising' competition run by the Dressage Sub-Committee.  For this competition judges and officals donate their time and effort for no payment, and the proceeds of the day are put towards the funding of the State Dressage Championships - The Saddleworld/Wynergy Dressage Festival.

The annual 'fund raiser' always attracts good entries, for not only is it a well run competition with a full program of classes, but it enables competitors to play their part in helping to make the state's most important Dressage competition a success.

This year we had the pleasure of having a number of South Australian competitors take advantage of having two competitions in one weekend ... and at the same venue, to gain some valuable competition experience.

The weather was perfect for Dressage - cool and slightly overcast, and not too much wind.  With the wonderful facilities at Werribee Park,   it is a perfect place for competitive riders to be.

There was a big Polo tournament on this weekend,  and a number of horses found the yelling and galloping quite exciting, and even a little scary.

As I was judging the Grand Prix and the Intermediate 11,   my pictorial highlights were randomly captured.

aachensohn1.jpg (20991 bytes) Sue West, who displays the letters WVC on her saddle blanket,  is a vet, and practices under the name - Westernport Veterinary Clinic.

She is here on her lovely gelding, Aachensohn  by Aachen.  They performed very well in the Prix St. Georges with a 4th placing.

aachensohn2.jpg (22851 bytes) After their test,  Sue and Aachensohn show just what they can do with the half steps - the horse was so light and 'airy' - it seemed that he saved his best till a time when the judges were not marking him!

Dont you just hate that ???

aeadutchdiscovery.jpg (16522 bytes) Sally Luxmore on AEA Dutch Discovery worked very well for a 4th and 5th in the Elementary classes.
aeafaretta.jpg (15598 bytes) Popular and hard working Dressage personality Carol Simpson, took time out from the helping end ... to ride her talented mare AEA Faretta.
avocabs.jpg (22107 bytes) Acknowledging the judges just before they enter the ring for their Intermediate 11 ride is Avoca Black Saint and Leanne Williams - they were 3rd. in this class.

This horse is a Clydesdale/Thoroughbred cross and he has a terrific ralented for the collected work.

Leanne is so enthusiastic about the cross, that she stands a Clydesdale stallion at stud.

Click here for more ...

avocabs2.jpg (21228 bytes) Leanne Williams had Avoca Black Saint a little better on the aid and her Grand Prix test won the nod from all three judges.

Congratulations to Leanne - a great ride.

axel2.jpg (22167 bytes) Manuella McLean (wife of Andrew) rode her soft going Falkland Victory Gelding  - Axel.

She told me that she  'inherited' the horse when his owner passed away, and that she is really enjoying him.

He did very well in both Elementary tests with a 3rd and 6th.

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