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Silverdene Stud is a small 'boutique' horse stud, situated in Lyndhurst, an outer South/East Melbourne rural area.  The locality is ideally situated, about half way between Dandenong and Frankston ...  in the 'heartland' of  the Victorian equestrian community.

The stud principal - Dr. Barbara Burrows is a professional and her attention to detail is reflected in many ways,  through her business philosophies and property management.  Barbara was a keen competitor, having successfully trained and ridden to FEI Dressage on a couple of her favourite & talented horses  She is keen to be at the forefront of the improvement of Australian bred performance horses that will some day see Australian equestrian combinations at the top ... at international level.

Silverdene Stud was purpose built to make these goals possible.  The property is ideal for breeding, raising foals and training quality horses.  A full time manager oversees farm activities.   Facilities include first class fencing, large grassy paddocks and a full size indoor arena.  Silverdene's philosophy is to ensure that each horse is treated as an individual and given every opportunity to reach full potential.

Silverdene Stud is home to two imported Hanoverian stallions,
Calypso Classic and Prince Noir. 

Prince Noir -
... has enjoyed a long and distinguished competition career in Europe and Australia with successes up to FEI level with various riders.
'The Prince' is a superbly elegant horse with 'picture book' good looks.  He is jet black with four white stockings and a perfect blaze to set off perfect conformation and stunning presence.  He would be just as 'at home' in the show ring,  as he is in the Dressage Arena.  Prince Noir carries the blood of the very successful thoroughbred stallion Prince Thatch who is found in the pedigrees of some of the most successful Dressage horses competing in Europe today ... and like so many of these highly prized individuals ... he is of the finer more elegant type rather than the  'old fashioned' heavier Warmblood,  that first made it's mark 30 years ago.

Calypso Classic -
... had an enviably successful early dressage career, but a serving injury forced an early retirement from competition. 

Calypso Classic underwent some showjumping training to prove his athletic ability and the scope of his genetic makeup.  It was noted that he possessed many special attributes and worked with a willing temperament and calm confident attitude to his jumping.   He demonstrated the naturally talented technique and 'ping' that promised  success at the highest level of the sport.   Due to a number circumstances, this talented stallion did not continue his training and has been retired to stud.    Calypso Classic is consistently passing on these highly heritable traits to his progeny.  For this reason he is a popular choice for breeders looking to strengthen their stud's gene pool with proven international lines. One of CC's youngsters has been exported for a showjumping career.

His sire is the legendary Calypso ll, who was sired by the incomparable Cor de la Bryere.  Calypso ll was a successful showjumper.  Cor de la Bryere has produced many extremely successful performance horses, most notably the fantastic Dressage horse, Corlandus.  In the mid 1980's, this imposing 17.3 hand gelding swept international audiences 'off their feet' with breathtaking movement and a lightness and self carriage that had not been seen before.   He made a superbly elegant picture with his German based French rider,  Margit Otto Crepin .  They reigned supreme for many years.

CC's dam is by Werther, one of the great Hannoverian sires who descended from the legendary Ferdinand who has made his mark in the Australian breeding 'record book'.  It is not surprising that the offspring of these 'greats' should show such athleticism and rideability ... Calypso Classic continues the tradition.

At Silverdene, we have combined Calypso Classic with some specially selected thoroughbred mares and Warmbloods of the Duellschutz, Lander and Monopol lines.  This 'nick' has consistently produced athletic horses with confident willing temperaments and aptitude for training.

Astute riders and trainers well understand the benefits of choosing horses with a strong and proven performance pedigree.  Increasingly, the trend is to breed or select purpose bred equines that possesses the correct genetic makeup to deliver good movement and a trainable temperament that will justify the very significant and ongoing investment that is required to reach the top.

The Europeans have been breeding and refining desirable qualities to ensure that the proven bloodlines give a greater success rate.  Silverdene Stud is producing youngsters which fulfill these requirements admirably - come and see for yourself !

Calypso Classic

This Imported German stallion combines the very best of centuries of both Hanoverian and Holstein breeding.
  • By Calypso ll, who is by Cor de la Bryere (sire of CORLANDUS - who was ridden by Margit Otto-Crepin, and to many ... the BEST Dressage horse ever, from a full sister to the dam of Christine Stükelberger's multi champion Dressage horse GRANAT
  • From a State Premium mare by WERTHER, the 1993 Hanoverian stallion of the Year, directly descended from the legendary FERDINAND.   She has the maternal blood line of ABSATZ, the most influential post war dressage stallion.
  • AWHA approved.

This beautiful black stallion was
100 day performance tested in Germany, 
receiving excellent marks for his
rideability, Dressage ability and paces. 

He stands 16.2 hh.

So here is a stallion with everything to offer ...

colour, beautiful markings
and ... above all,
an impeccable temperament.

Prince Noir

this is the new generation ...  and the Silverdene tradition continues....

Silverdene Stud often has young stock and riding horses available - e-mail

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Silverdene Stud
Thompsons Road,
Lyndhurst Vic.
Phone/Fax:  (03) 9882 5280
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