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If you have just come to the realisation that you need to transport your horse somewhere, stop to think for a while about whether you really need to go and buy a float. If you decide that you cannot live without one, sit down and plan exactly what you need before you hit the road - cheque book in hand. There are a lots of issues involved in your decision, and a lack of knowledge or information could be very costly.

Is this the first of many more float trips or just a ‘one off’ situation ?

Do you really need to buy a float of your own, or could you fill the requirement by hiring or borrowing a float to do the job, or could you ask for the assistance of a friend with the right equipment and expertise to assist you?

Is you vehicle suitable and safe for towing, without risking breaking the law, damaging your car and perhaps jeopardising your vehicle’s warranty and most importantly … without risking the safety of the people and horses involved.

Are the combined weight of your horse and your float within the legal towing capacity of the vehicle. That is, the manufacturers recommended towing capacity.

Jeep, Hayman Reese & JR Easy Traveller
- the perfect towing combination.

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