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Official HRCAV Combined Training and Dressage Day 25th Nov. 2001 - Page 4
Photos by Sue Smith - Submitted by Leon Baggott
30chestnut.jpg (17049 bytes) Rio

and Kristy Elliott

32chestnut8.jpg (15498 bytes) Shining Cortez

and Kay Smith

35bay9.jpg (18868 bytes) Chelees Zeke

and Lucy Darcy

36mandog.jpg (20360 bytes) Jack the dog takes

Stewart for a walk !

37chestnut.jpg (13849 bytes) Dugal

and Jacinta Wise

38brown3.jpg (13494 bytes) Seddonbend Kailin

and Julie Plummer

39black.jpg (14506 bytes)


and Julie Gass

40black15.jpg (14918 bytes)



and Julie Gass

(in torrential rain)

20bay.jpg (16278 bytes) Chelees Zeke

and Lucy Darcy

41bay.jpg (13815 bytes) Tokyo Rose

and Darrell Smith

Colac & District ARC Official CT Day 25/11/01
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