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News on CDI-W Lyon, Patrik Kittel and more
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News on CDI-W Lyon, Patrik Kittel and more
 November 01 2009

Anky wins at WC première for Lyon

For the first time the French Lyon was included in the World Cup™ series. Sadly the competition did not attract an enormous number of participants, forcing winner Anky van Grunsven to settle for 14 qualification points while her win at the opening competition in the Danish Odense two weeks earlier had brought her the full 20 points. Of course for the moment Anky after two wins is eminently leading the competition. Moreover, she earned no less than € 20,000.- with her Grand Prix win (77,02%) and the one of the Kür (82%) in Lyon.

Anky van Grunsven and Salinero took their second win in the World Cup series dressage, now in Lyon Picture ©Elisabeth Rull www.equitalyon.com

Anky van Grunsven was very happy with the condition her Olympic winner Salinero was in. Salinero was disturbed somewhat for a moment by noise in the corner, causing him to be a little tense there. “But he kept his focus with me all along allowing me to continue to ride pleasantly”, said Anky. The technical parts of her Freestyle went slightly better in Odense, Anky herself judged, but in Lyon she was awarded more points.
Second in the Grand Prix and Kür was Monica Theodorescu with Whisper. The rider who already enrolled for the World Cup 25 years ago and boasts two victories with Ganimedes in her name, is surely planning to experience the 25th World Cup final.

Runner up in Lyon Monica Theodorescu and Whisper Picture ©Elisabeth Rull www.equitalyon.com

Denmark’s Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein on Rigoletto 2 came in third place. The Dane’s strong showing came after their problematic debut in the first leg of the World Cup series on her home turf at Odense two weeks ago. As the nervousness of her horse was leading to the pair’s retirement in the Grand Prix, she didn’t qualify for the Freestyle that occasion.

More lucky in Lyon than in Odense: Nathalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein Picture ©Elisabeth Rull www.equitalyon.com

In Lyon this happened to Edward Gal. On Thursday the competition had started in a very disappointing way for the runner up of Odense. Sisther de Jeu had only moments before entering the ring for the Grand Prix bitten her lip, causing a small wound that started to bleed. The bleeding was stopped quickly. The sympathetic officials even allowed Gal to take the mare to the stable for a while and return later for a new start. He and his trainer Nicole Werner however, decided to let that chance go by. “Everything was alright, but we considered the risk that Sisther might bite her lip again during the test, to be too high. It’s a shame of the 600 mile ride to Lyon, but so be it”, Edward Gal said.

On Thursday evening Hans Peter Minderhoud wasn’t very lucky in the Grand Prix. His horse became tense and Hans Peter didn’t manage to let tension flow away. Luckily the Freestyle turned out to be three classes better. In the end Minderhoud was honoured with a beautiful bronze sculpture, that had been provided for the most appealing rider of the Lyon Horse Show.

Standings after Round 2 of FEI World Cup™ Dressage 2009/2010 at Lyon:

1. Anky van Grunsven - 34
2. Monica Theodorescu - 24
3. Hans Peter Minderhoud - 19
4. Edward Gal – 17
5. Patrik Kittel 15
6. Hubertus Schmidt – 11
7. Matthias Alexander Rath – 10
8. Jeannette Haazen – 9
8. Nathalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein - 9
The next World Cup qualifier will be in Stockholm (SWE), 28-29 November.

Find more at www.equitalyon.com 

Results have been send to you already. Please check www.dressagedirect.com for a second view.

Patrik Kittel in trouble

A video on You Tube about Swedish team rider Patrik Kittel has shocked the dressage world. The fragment shows Kittel losing his stallion Watermill Scandic in Odense in Denmark in a low frame. The moment Patrik realizes that the horse’s tongue is out, he stops and pushes the tongue back. The flood of negative reactions forced FEI dressage director Trond Asmyr and FEI Executive Director sports David Holmes make an official statement prior to their lectures at the Global Dressage Forum in The Netherlands last Monday that the FEI will investigate  the incident.
Meanwhile Kittel is shell shocked by the flood of negative reactions, although the tone in Sweden has mellowed. Watermill Scandic is owned by Dutch team veterinarian Jan Greve who says, “Patrik Kittel has a perfect relationship to Scandic and the situation  that has arisen now is absolutely overdone. Yes, the tongue has been out for a short while. This can happen. But nothing harmful has been done.”
The British Riding Association has urged the FEI to start a more thorough discussion about hyperflexion. Other countries will probably follow Britain.

Patrik Kittel here in better times showing Watermill Scandic to its advantage at the EC in Windsor Picture Diana Bloemendal www.imadia.nl

Melissa Jackson and Wellington shine in Wellington

Melissa Jackson and her 12-year-old Hanoverian Wellington captured the win in the Grand Prix Thursday October 22 at the Wellington Classic Dressage’s Autumn Challenge of Champions show, held in conjunction with the USDF Region 3 Dressage Championships. The Grand Prix was sponsored by The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center and Jackson won a beautiful Sanctuary signature orange embroidered polar fleece cooler and a $250 gift certificate for services at The Sanctuary.

“Wellington was really good and he was right there for me,” Jackson said, following her win. “We started him in Prix St. Georges and then took him to Europe for a while and he has been back about a year.”
Jackson, who is a trainer out of Bradenton, Florida, said Wellington is in a different place after returning from Europe. “He’s really solid in the Grand Prix now so I have to figure out how to ride him to get him to peak in the ring as opposed to just doing the movements,” Jackson said, adding that she was really excited about her win.

Jackson was also pleased with her orange cooler from The Sanctuary and the $250 gift certificate. “Orange is our signature color at The Sanctuary as it is associated with the sun, health, healing and is a vibrant color that represents energy,” said Brenda McDuffee, General Manager of The Sanctuary. “The Sanctuary is always pleased to support the horse community and we want to congratulate Melissa and Wellington on their win.”

The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, located on 30 pristine acres in Ocala, Florida, is a world-class, multi-million dollar facility dedicated to the healing, conditioning and well being of all equine athletes. The Sanctuary features some of the most advanced conditioning and rehab equipment in the world. High performance competitors, including top dressage horses, are using The Sanctuary’s facilities for rehab, post-surgery rehab, conditioning, fitness and training. “The Sanctuary is well-suited for treating medical conditions that often face dressage horses,” McDuffee said. “The conditions we have seen the most in dressage horses have been hind end problems or weaknesses and suspensory injuries. The Sanctuary has many therapies that address these injuries and targets specific problems.”
For more information on The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, visit their website at

Melissa Jackson and Wellington captured the Grand Prix win sponsored by The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center at the Wellington Classic Dressage Shows Autumn Challenge of Champions. Show Manager Noreen O’Sullivan presents Jackson with an orange embroidered polar fleece from The Sanctuary and a gift certificate for $250 for services at the world-class facility in Ocala Picture Johnny Robb

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