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Cyberhorse 2008
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International Animal Health
Sydney Showjumping Club 18th October 2009


Sydney Showjumping Club 18th October 09

A beautiful day at Sydney Showjumping Club on Sunday 18t October produced some excellent showjumping.

Convener for the day, Colleen Brook said, "The grounds are in fabulous condition and the horses have jumped extremely well. We are extremely lucky in this Hawkesbury area to have one of the best jumping venues in the country!"

Bob Brooks and Paul Tridgell designed the courses and judges were organized by chief judge Joyce Brook. Judges included Juho Loouver, Sue Nault, and Bob Brooks. Anyone interested in doing their judge training should contact Joyce on 45763405

Courses were designed by David Lawrence and Mark Atkins. It was great to see David back in action after a lengthy hospital stay recently.

George Johnson & Wondaree Sprite

SSJC is proud of long time member Chris Chugg who was recently crowned Australian Showjumping Champion at the National Titles in Canberra. This is the fifth National Title for Chris and a record third in a row for Chris and his magnificent warmblood stallion Vivant.

Chris Chugg on DB Vigo

One of the highlights of the day was the impressive win by Liz Koob riding Caesars Palace in a tight jump off against the clock in the 1.20m class. Tom Smith's lovely big warmblood Casper looked good winning the D grade class and Alex Pope's new horse Celerity Park Skylark put up a good performance.

Alex Pope on Celerity Park Lark

Young Harry Owens from Queensland, who is training with Colleen Brook at Wilberforce rode very well on his promising young mare Dusky Farm Jane to place well in arena 3.

Rachelle Higgins and the speedy Dusty Rhodes went consistently well to win the 1.10m & the 1.05m classes.


Ring 1

1st George Kolovos on Morley Downs
2nd Hilary Scott on Oaks Sharko
3rd Cherie Luck On Chester
4th George Kolovos on Vincentory
5th Nikki Broomham on Paris
Optimum time: 1st Hilary Scott, 2nd George Kolovos, 3rd Cherie Luck

70cm Junior
1st Kirrilly Mann on Ferona Starlight
2nd Emily Redman on Dalwin Regal
3rd Natalie Harvall on Somersault
4th Jo Purvis on Jack
5th Aoife Scanlon on Peaches

Aofie Scanlon on Peaches

70cm Adult
1st Alex Pope on AP Shine
2nd Paul Burkitt on Lucky
3rd Nikki Broomham on Paris
4th Jess Farrell on Jennifer
5th George Kolovos on Morley Downs
Optimum time: 1st Paul Burkitt, 2nd Natalie Harvell, 3rd Alex Pope.

Alex Pope on AP Shine

80cm Junior
1st Kirrilly Mann on Northmore Rozzie
2nd Kirrilly Mann on Ferona Starlight
3rd Abby West on Wayne
4th Tess Macinerney on Peaches
5th Natalie Harvall on Somersault

Tes Macinerny

80cm Adult
1st Jess Farrell on Jennifer
2nd Karen Higgins on Magnum Starblaze
3rd Vicki Pepyat on Classic Cliche

Karen Higgins

Ring 2
1st Rachel Higgins on Dusty Rhodes.
2nd Susie Wright on Maximum Fun
3rd Sarah Meale on Noblewood Park Cassini

Suzie Wright

1st Tom Smith on Casper
2nd James Arkin on Dreamtime Invader
3rd Greer Butcher on Twins Lovesong
4th Yuki Omori on It'll Happen
5th Danielle Butcher and Twins Limerick

Yuki Omori

1st Liz Koob on Caesars Palace
2nd Chris Chugg on Diamond B Vigo
3rd Greer Butcher on Twins Zenith
4th Monnica Herfurth on Twins Pocket Watch
5th Jamie Winning on Yandoo Barnaby

Jaimie Winning and Vangelo

1st Alana Tasker on Specialty
2nd Sidney Roberts on Mingara Token

Sidney Roberts

Ring 3
1st Luke Carter on Reef
2nd Abby West on Wayne
3rd Tenelle Murray on Chopin
4th Yuki Omori on Armatrading
5th Rod McQueeen on ASP Vienna

Rod McQueen

Yuki Omori

1st Emily Mann on Senoritta Star Painter
2nd Maddie Smouha on Little Cavalier
3rd Alex Pope on Celerity Park Skylark.
4th Amanda Madigan on Verona
5th Karyn Bond on Ziggy
Optimum Time: 1st Amanda Madigan, 2nd Alex Pope, 3rd Maddie Smouha

Amanda Madigan

1st Rachel Higgins on Dusty Rhodes
2nd Harry Owens on Dusky Farm Jane
3rd George Johnson on Corromandel
4th Erwan Le Mure on CP Cuppacino
5th Rachel Higgins on Magnon Starblaze.
Optimum Time: 1st Rachel Higgins, 2nd Harry Owens, 3rd George Johnson

George Johnson & Cory

In Rings 1 & 3 a special award is given to those riders closest to the optimum time. Diamond B Stud and Sanna Equestrian donated prizes for these awards.

Nik Taliano on Albert 

The next event at SSJC will be Sunday 1st November 09.Competitors are reminded that all entries to be made through www.globalentriesonline.com

For more information contact SSJC Publicity Officer Christine Johnson 0412 405079 or email christine@teamj.com.au

Cyberhorse 2009 Cyberhorse



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