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Cyberhorse 2008
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Equitana News - Equitana Asia Pacific 2008 - Tickets Selling Fast


EQUITANA Asia Pacific 2008
Tickets Selling FAST!

Demand for tickets at next month’s Equitana has reached unprecedented levels. All Super Tickets, Western and Dressage Spectacular and Dressage clinic tickets have been sold. But do not worry – there are still fantastic tickets available and so much to see at Equitana.

Your daily general admission will allow you to see all the daily equine competitions, over 50 educational presentations and allow you to shop at over 250 exhibition stands...



Clayton Fredericks
Eventing Clinic

Bates Arena
Thursday 20 November, 9.45am

Olympic Team Silver Medallist Clayton Fredericks will be presenting an Eventing clinic on Thursday 20 Nov.

This clinic is included in the general admission program.

More information on Eventing Clinic

Clayton Fredericks

Clayton has had a phenomenal few seasons and therefore it is no surprise that he spent most of 2007 ranked number one on the World stage. Lifting the inaugural World Cup title in 2005 could be regarded as a turning point in Clayton’s competitive career for over the following year, he went on to take the titles at Chatsworth, Saumur, the British Open Championship and took the individual silver and team bronze medals home from the World Equestrian Games. This year Riding Ben Along Time he won in Lexington Kentucky 4**** event for the Rolex Trophy.

But he was not an overnight success and he’ll be the first to admit that without hard work, this would never have happened. Clayton at Gacombe 2007. That’s not to say he’s not a truly gifted rider. As a young boy he’d take the pony he kept in his parents garage to a show and win. But not just any show. For ten consecutive years Clayton claimed the championship at the prestigious State Show Rider of the Year.


Click here to see Clayton Fredericks and Ben Along Time completing in Beijing.

If you are interested in participating in the eventing clinic, click here for a nomination form.


Pat & Linda Parelli

Pat & Linda Parelli
The Challenging Horse Demystified
Grand Pavilion
Friday 21 November, 12noon

Witness the magical relationship Linda and Pat Parelli have with their own horse and learn to understand what the true partnership between horses and humans looks like.

A separately ticketed event (NOT included in the general admission program)

More information on Pat & Linda Parelli Clinic
Pat and Linda Parelli

Of the various natural horsemen and women popular today, Linda and Pat Parelli have a large number of followers around the globe as the Parelli Program has literally impacted hundreds of thousands of horse owners and horses. The Parelli method allows horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion. Founded in 1981 by lifelong horseman and teacher Pat Parelli, the Parelli Program combines common sense psychology.

In their clinic Parelli's take two challenging performance horses and solve problems using the principles they've become famous for. Reading the horse, revealing the Horsenality, and developing trust on the ground first. These are transformations you don't want to miss! 

Click here find out what Pat & Linda will be doing at EQUITANA.

G'Day from Pat and Linda - click here to preview this special PodCast from 2007.


Learn more about Parelli by requesting a copy
of our FREE "What is Parelli" DVD - Click here. "



Andreas Helgstrand on Blue Hors Matine

Andreas Helgstrand
Dressage Clinic

Grand Pavilion
Saturday 22 November, 10am

The new dressage superstar from Denmark, Andreas Helgstrand, will present a clinic on how he trains dressage horses from Preliminary to Grand Prix level.

A separately ticketed event (NOT included in the general admission program)

More information on Dressage Clinic
Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to come across Andreas' first appearance in Australia!

Andreas Helgstrand

Andreas is a dressage rider and a trainer at Denmark’s biggest stallion station Blue Hors in Randboel. At the age of 30 he can already pride himself for a number of titles including the Team Bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Individual Bronze and Silver at the 2006 WEG in Aachen, 11 Grand Prix victories on three different horses (Cavan, Don Schufro, Matine) during 2006, the Danish Dressage Champion in 2005 and 2006, 5th at the 2005 World Cup Final in Las Vegas and 9th at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Andreas will also demonstrate his skills by performing at the Dressage Spectacular.


Click here to see a performance by Andreas and Blue Hors Matine at the 2006 WEG in Aachen.

Proudly supported by anky-logo-trans.gif

If you are interested in participating in the dressage clinic, click here for a nomination form


Chris Chugg

Chris Chugg
Showjumping Clinic

Bates Arena
Saturday 22 November, 1.30pm

Australias elite jumpin rider, Chris Chugg will be presenting a Showjumping clinic on Saturday 22 Nov.

This clinic is included in the general admission program.

More information on Showjumping Clinic

Chris Chugg

Chris is one of Australias elite jumping riders, his CV so far includes:

  • National Champion twice.

  • Twice represented Australia at the World Cup final.

  • Member of Winning Nations Cup team in Europe.

  • Winner and placegetter in European Grand Prix and World Cup events.

  • Winner of  30 World Cup qualifiers with 11 different horses.

  • Three time winner of the Australian World Cup league.

  • Diamond B Ego was three times winner of the Golden Grand award for leading World Cup horse of the season.

  • Chris has been a member of the NSWIS elite squad since its inception.

  • He is currently on the National Elite list with Vivant.


All Star clinic

All Star Clinic
Grand Pavilion
Sunday 23 November, 4.30pm

What do they have in common and where do they differ.
The All Star Clinic is a unique gathering of experts in Dressage, Showjumping, Reining, Campdraft/Cutting and Polo.

A separately ticketed event (NOT included in the general admission program)

More information on All Star Clinic
Each discipline involves particular ways of doing things in order to achieve its specific goals from the ascetic of dressage to the practical skills of chasing a ball, a beast or leaving the rails up. In this clinic veteran presenter, Richard Weis, will use the best horse and rider available in each discipline in order to uncover essential elements from selecting horse and gear (it is all purpose bred horses and purpose made gear these days), as well as discipline specific training and riding techniques.

Lately, there is a lot of cross fertilisation one discipline to another. More and more show jumpers are using dressage training to the point that skilled riders make jumping look like dressage with lumps. Dressage trainers are more often using western breakers to start their young horses because they appreciate how safe and responsive their horses start out.

This clinic aims to illuminate a multi disciplinary understanding of the points of similarity and the points of difference. You can expect to come away knowing the difference between a spin and a pirouette and a roll back, why quarter horses don’t do dressage and warm bloods are not good cutting horses or polo ponies.

You’ll also learn about different riding styles and training techniques. You never know, if our luminary participants are brave enough, we just might do some horse swapping.

The ALL  STAR CAST includes Olympians Andreas Helgstrand (Dressage) and Clayton Fredericks (Eventing), Chris Chugg (Show Jumping), Warwick Schiller (Reining) and genius Australian horseman Guy McLean (winner of the ‘Way of the Horse 2005 ’) and more.

What a mix of Equine talent; with Richard running the show, anything could happen! Expect some serious fun! The ALL STAR CLINIC promises to be the highlight of Equitana ’08 - don’t miss it!

All Star Clinic



Click Here to go to the Equitana Web Site

Plan your Equitana Experience well ahead a
s there is almost TOO much to see.

Cyberhorse 2008 Cyberhorse



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