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Equestrian Press Releases from Beijing!

Olympic Equestrian Events tickets sell-out asuccess

The following is issued on behalf of the Equestrian Events (Hong Kong) of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad Company and China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited (CTS):

The last batch of 14,000 Games-Time ticket coupons for the Olympic Equestrian Events have been sold out, the Equestrian Company has announced today (1 August 2008).

This takes to around 120,000 tickets sold for the events in Hong Kong.

"We are delighted with the enthusiasm shown by Hong Kong people for the equestrian events," said the Equestrian Company's Head of Games Services, Mr Tang Ho-kong.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the Olympic Games. Hong Kong people have enthusiastically supported the event to make it a sell-out success."

Mr Tang reminded spectators to redeem their ticket coupons for the actual entry tickets as soon as possible.

Collection details are printed on the coupons.

"To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise spectators to go along to the designated China Travel Service (CTS) branches as early as possible within the specified redemption period to collect their tickets," he said.

Mr Tang said free shuttle bus services would ferry spectators from University Station to the Sha Tin venue, and from Fanling Station to the Beas River venue.

He urged spectators to arrive at the venues one to two hours before the start of competition to ensure adequate time for shuttle bus transfer, and security screening at entrance gates.

HKETONY promotes Equestrian Events at Hong Kong Dragon
Boat Festival in New York

The 18th Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York kicked off today (August 2, New York time) with about 150 teams and 1,500 participants taking part in the Festival.

Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, USA, Miss Margaret Fong was a guest of honour at the opening ceremony of the Festival.

In her remarks, Miss Fong noted that the Festival, which was started 18 years ago by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York (HKETONY) as a community event to promote Hong Kong's culture, has evolved into an event that embraces athletes from all over.

"What better testament to the success of the Festival than to have Henry (Mr Henry Wan, Chairman of the Host Committee of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York) and my colleague Monica (Miss Monica Chen, Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York) being invited to preside over the closing bell ceremony of NASDAQ this Wednesday past. My congratulations to the organisers," the Commissioner said.

With the 2008 Olympic Games opening in Beijing on August 8, Miss Fong said Hong Kong is honoured and proud to be the co-host city for the Equestrian Events.

"We have devoted much time and efforts in preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion," Miss Fong said. "Horses and athletes from around the world have started arriving in Hong Kong since July 26. We are confident that they will experience the best ever Olympic Equestrian Events."

HKETONY is promoting the upcoming Olympic Equestrian Events at this year's Festival with an eight-panel exhibition and promotional video. HKETONY is also giving away Brand Hong Kong souvenirs to those attending the Festival.

The 18th Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York is held August 2 and 3 at Meadows Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York. It is one of the oldest and largest traditional dragon boat festivals in the United States and attracts about 50,000 spectators. HKETONY is the festival benefactor for this year's event.

He said live commentaries of the events at Sha Tin would be available in both Cantonese and English on specially-designated (FM) channels. Spectators can bring along a small, pocket-size FM radio (without a loud speaker) and earpiece to listen to the commentaries.

At the Beas River venue, English commentary will be available via the venue sound system. Spectators will not be allowed to turn on radios with speakers, as this will interfere with competition.

For information on ticket collection, call the CTS ticketing hotline on: 2998 7080, or the Spectator Hotline 2107 9955.

For more information about the events, please visit the Equestrian Company website at www.equestrian2008.org.

Special team to provide weather services during
Equestrian Events (with photo/video)

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has deployed a dedicated team of meteorologists to provide weather information at the Equestrian Events venues to ensure that both the organiser and the public are fully informed of the weather conditions during the competition period.

At a press briefing today (August 3) on the Observatory's latest initiatives to support the Equestrian Events, Assistant Director of the HK Observatory (Forecasting and Warning Services), Mr Wai Hon-gor, said the team, which had been stationing at both the venues and the Observatory Forecasting Office from July 25, would monitor the weather, temperatures, humidity, winds, rainfall and heat stress indexes round-the-clock.

To ensure accurate measurements of heat stress, the Observatory had specially designed a wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) measurement system which measures air temperature, natural wet-bulb temperature and black globe temperature, representing the combined effect of temperature, humidity, wind and solar radiation, he said.

"HKO forecasters will issue detailed three-day weather forecasts for the competition venues four times a day.

"Seven-day forecasts are also provided to facilitate advance planning of the events," Mr Wai said.

Apart from these regular weather forecasts, the special team will also closely monitor the weather in the venues' surroundings and alert the competition organiser to any rapid weather changes.

Mr Wai said the Equestrian Company and government departments supporting the Equestrian Events were provided with access to the above weather information via the HKO online weather information system.

The public can get the information on the HKO website specially dedicated to the Equestrian Events (http://olympic.weather.gov.hk).

He said that from Friday (August 8), the HKO would issue special weather bulletins to the media before each competition session on weather forecasts and reports for the venues.

"Spectators are advised to check the weather information and watch out for announcements by the electronic media before they start their trips to the events.

"For sunny and hot weather, they should wear loose clothing and suitable hats, drink plenty of water and use a sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 or above for protection against UV radiation. If rainy weather is forecast, they should bring along a raincoat. They may also bring with them mosquito repellent if necessary," Mr Wai said.

Also speaking at the briefing, Mr John Breen, who is in charge of the Venue Operations and Communications Centre of the Equestrian Events, said that accurate and up-to-date weather information would equip the organiser with the information needed to make important decisions about the competitions and to advise spectators accordingly.

"The Equestrian Company has contingency plans for adverse weather, including liaising with public transport operators and keeping ticket holders informed of any plans to delay or postpone competitions," he said.

Veterinary Technical Delegate to the Equestrian Events, Professor Leo Jeffcott, also underpinned the importance to his work of reliable weather information. He said he had been working closely with the HKO for three years and praised its efforts in producing such a comprehensive package of weather and climate data.


Equestrian Events Hong Kong Media Release



11 December 2018  
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