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Cyberhorse 2008
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FEI Olympic News 9


The successful Heat and Humidity Workshop recently staged in Lausanne put the challenges facing horses and riders at this summer's Olympic Games in Hong Kong into ever-sharper focus and provided a wealth of information for veterinary officials and others involved in the world of equestrian sport.

The speakers included officials from the Hong Kong Jockey Club which is providing the venue facilities as well as veterinary expertise and the use of its top-class laboratory, the Equestrian Company which is the principle organiser of the equestrian events, and Peden Bloodstock which is managing the all-important horse transportation programme. Experts in the art of "cooling", analysis of the veterinary monitoring programme undertaken during last summer's Test Event and the results of a two-year weather study all combined to reinforce the belief that everything possible is being done to protect the health and welfare of both the visiting equine Olympians and the resident horse population for the duration of the Games.

You will have already consulted the presentation papers or have read the summaries circulated in our Press News and still available on the FEI website http://www.fei.org/Events/Olympic_Games/Pages/HeatandHumidityWorkshop.aspx, but here are some interesting dates, deadlines and contact details to keep in mind, together with a few practical facts and figures outlined during the presentations.
13/03/2008 - WHO'S WHO

THE EQUESTRIAN COMPANY - Equestrian Events (Hong Kong) of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad Company Ltd., Hong Kong, China is the company entrusted by the Beijing Organising Committee TO PLAN AND HOST the equestrian events of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Mr Lam Woon-Kwong retired from the Administrative Service of the Hong Kong Government to become Chief Executive Officer of the Equestrian Company in 2005.
Equestrian Company Official WEBSITE - http://www.equestrian2008.org.

PEDEN BLOODSTOCK - is the official agency for HORSE TRANSPORTATION. Based in Germany, it is headed up by Managing Director Martin Atock who has particular expertise in the organisation of large movements of competition horses to major events.
Peden Bloodstock Official WEBSITE http://www.peden-bloodstock.com.

THE HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB - World-famous for its management of horse-racing and gambling, the HKJC has a rich history that began back in 1884 and its race-tracks at Sha Tin and Happy Valley are uniquely located at the heart of the busy and densely-populated Asian city. Its Equine Hospital includes top-class facilities and its Laboratory is one of just four in the world accredited by the FEI. It has invested over USD 150 million in building VENUES for the equestrian events of the 2008 Olympic Games. The HKJC's involvement in the running of the Games also includes the active participation of many of its VETERINARY experts.
Hong Kong Jockey Club Official WEBSITE http://www.hkjc.com.

13/03/2008 - FACTS AND FIGURES
VENUES: There are two – Sha Tin, next to the Hong Kong Jockey Club race-track and close to the city centre, and Beas River which is some 35 minutes away. Sha Tin encompasses special training facilities in Penfold Park. Beas River encompasses the lands of the Hong Kong Golf Club and Beas River Country Club and this is where the cross-country phase of the Eventing discipline will take place.

FREIGHT INSURANCE: NOCs are advised that they should procure/maintain appropriate insurance in relation to the carriage of their horses as the Equestrian Company will NOT provide insurance of any kind.

FEED, HAY, BEDDING: Will be provided by Kentucky Equine Research or can be privately organised.

ACCREDITATION CENTRES: There will be four in total - one each at Hong Kong International Airport, the Olympic Village Hotel, the Olympic Family Hotel and at the Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Venue at Sha Tin.

TEAM ACCREDITATION FORMULA: Maximum 20 athletes, one groom for each rider and two horse-owners per horse.

TEAM OFFICIALS ACCREDITATION: Allocated on ratio of 1 athlete to 0.55 officials to include Chef d'Equipe, Coach, Veterinarian, Doctor and Farrier. ADDITIONAL team official accreditation will be considered and decided by the IOC but will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Four venues - the Hong Kong Olympic Village, Hong Kong Olympic Family Hotel, Hong Kong Media Hotel and Hong Kong Grooms Village.

Hong Kong Olympic Village will be located at a 4-Star 16-storey hotel located 2.5km from the main competition venue at Sha Tin and abut 15km from the cross-country venue at Beas River. ITOs and FEI Officials will be accommodated in the Village alongside the athletes.

Hong Kong Olympic Family Hotel is the Kowloon Shangri-la 5-Star in Tsimshatsui Ease and is allocated to IOC members, NOC/International Federation Presidents and Secretary-Generals and FEI Officials.

Hong Kong Media Hotel is the Regal Riverside in Sha Tin, located 2.5km from the main competition venue and about 15km from Beas River. It will accommodate additional team officials, NTOs, media and broadcasters and approximately 60 grooms. Hong Kong Grooms Village is located inside the equestrian venue at Sha Tin and will accommodate about 140 grooms, mainly on a twin-sharing basis.

QUARANTINE AND BIO-SECURITY MEASURES: Will include 60-day pre-export residency in an approved country, compulsory veterinary supervision for 30 days prior to export, 7-day pre-export quarantine, 10-day post-arrival isolation and no permitted contact between Olympic and local horses.

HORSE TRANSPORTATION LOGISTICS: Approximately 300 horses from more than 40 nations accompanied by 140 attendants and 96,000 kgs of equipment will travel to Hong Kong on an estimated 56 flights. About 90% of horses will originate in Europe with the balance travelling primarily from Australasia and North America. The airports of Amsterdam, London Stansted, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney are designated by BOCOG as hub airports. Flight times will vary between 12 and 15 hours with some aircraft making technical stops in Dubai.

FREIGHT MANUAL: Available on websites of BOCOG, the Equestrian Company and Peden Bloodstock

VETERINARY FACILITIES: There will be a core team of 11 Event Treating Veterinarians led by Professor Jack Snyder along with others from Mainland China and the HKJC Department of Veterinary Clinical Services for the cross-country competiiton. A group of eight senior students/graduates will provide support in the Olympic Veterinary Clinic (OVC) with back-up from technical HKJC staff. The OVC is a purpose-built veterinary facility located at the core venue in Sha Tin and incorporates a pharmacy. Surgical facilities and staff at the nearby HKJC Equine Hospital will be on 24-hour stand-by. A temporary veterinary clinic will be located at Beas River for the cross-country event. There will be six veterinary teams located on the cross-country course along with three roving teams and mobile cooling units will be located strategically, with ice and water at holding points on the course. Eight horse ambulances and four recovery trailers will be available on cross-country day. CHARGES will be levied for routine clinical services, use of some equipment, surgery, drugs, supplements and other consumables and for clinical pathology. For a nominal charge, clinic facilities within the OVC may be utilised by team veterinarians who have registered at the Equine Clinic Office on an appointment basis. VISA CARD payments can be made at the main office in the Equine Clinic and Chefs d'Equipe will be required to CLEAR THEIR TEAM'S ACCOUNTS EVERY 7 DAYS. All accounts must be settled in full before leaving the venue.

FARRIERS: A group of six farriers led by Mr Ian Hughes will support the team farriers throughout the Games.

AIR-CONDITIONED STABLES: These are considered to be one of the most important elements in ensuring the health and welfare of horses during the Games. The temperature will be set at around 22-23 C. They proved hugely influential in the quick recovery of horses during last summer's test event.

COOLING: The quick reduction of body temperature of horses after exercise and competition is of vital importance in conditions of heat and humidity, and cooling regimes will include assisted cooling by cold water and the use of misting fans.

HOW HORSES COPED AT THE GOOD LUCK BEIJING HKSAR 10th ANNIVERSARY EVENT: A total of 17 horses were included in a study of their physiological responses and, of these, two were withdrawn before the cross-country phase with the remaining 15 successfully meeting the challenge of competition.

THE WEATHER: It's going to be hot and very humid, so competition will be take place in the early morning and at night. Temperatures may rise to 35 C with humidity of 80-90% and there is the additional threat of typhoons. Shadows cast by the early-morning sun may complicate the start-time on cross-country day but that has been factored into the competition programme. A rapid decision-making process has been established in case of bad weather conditions.
1 March 2008
Peden Bloodstock, the official shipping agency, forward a second questionnaire to National Federations requesting firm bookings, confirmation of horse numbers etc.

15 April 2008
Final deadline for submission to BOCOG of completed accreditation forms for Olympic Event

30 April 2008
Deadline for return of Peden Bloodstock questionnaire in order to ensure eligibility for freight grant

2 May 2008
Final deadline for submission to BOCOG of completed accreditation forms for Paralympic Event

8 July 2008
Accreditation Centre at Hong Kong International Airport will commence operations.

24/25 July 2008
Hong Kong Olympic Village hotel will open for teams to set up their NOC offices but there will be no accommodation or catering available on these two days

26 July 2008
Hong Kong Olympic Village hotel opens to athletes and team officials

9 August 2008
Hong Kong Olympic Family Hotel opens

22 August
Hong Kong Olympic Family hotel closes

27 August
Hong Kong Olympic Village closes

QUARANTINE MANAGER: Dr Keith Watkins of the HKJC who is also Veterinary Commission Associate Member. Tel: (Office) (852) 2966 6605, (mobile) (852) 9024 9555. Fax: (852) 2602 3305, Email: keith.l.watkins@hkjc.org.hk.

ENQUIRIES RE ALL VETERINARY MATTERS: Special Duties Division, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Dept., 7th Floor Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2150 6904, Dz (852) 2156 0215, Email sdenquiry@afed.gov.hk.

OFFICIAL SHIPPING AGENT: Peden Bloodstock GMbH, Schloos Leyenburg, 47509 Rheurdt, Germany. Contact Martin Atock at Tel: +49 (0) 2845949910, Fax: +49 (0) 2845 949911, Email: atock@peden.de

HORSE FEED AND BEDDING MATERIAL (Regulatory Division): Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Dept. Tel: (852) 2150 7000; Fax: (852) 2314 2622, Email: plantlic@afed.gov.hk.

VETERINARY DRUGS IMPORT AND EXPORT: Department of Health, Attention Chief Pharmacist, public health Laboratory Centre, 382 Nam Chong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2319 8500, Fax: (852) 2834 5117, Email: a-w-k_chan@dh.gov.hk

13/03/2008 - Video Compilation of Pre-Olympic Workshop on Heat and Humidity Now Available
We are pleased to inform you that your reference page on Heat and Humidity in Hong Kong has been competed with a video compilation of all the presentations made during the Pre-Olympic Workshop On to Hong Kong. We encourage you to watch this summary which contains all the key points raised during the day.

To view the video compilation, visit www.fei.org > Events > Olympic Games > Heat and Humidity Workshop and scroll down to reach the section “Videos of the Presentations” (direct link http://www.fei.org/Events/Olympic_Games/Pages/HeatandHumidityWorkshop.aspx).

We would like to remind you that on this page you will also find the complete texts of all the presentations, a summary as well as a number of reference documents. This page offers the most comprehensive information on the subject of Heat and Humidity in relation to the equestrian events at the 2008 Olympic Games.
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