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Cyberhorse 2008
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FEI Olympic News 7


22/02/2008 - IOC Guidelines on Blogging
The International Olympic Committee has released its guidelines on blogging. They are meant for persons accredited to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad – and that includes the equestrian events in Hong Kong – who maintain personal blogs which have content related to the their experience at the Games and are accessible to the public.

The guidelines define, among other things, the notion of a blog, the use of sound, still and moving images, the Olympic marks, domain names and links.

The guidelines are available in French and English on the FEI website

We urge all persons attending Hong Kong in an official capacity and who intend to make use of blogs, to carefully read these guidelines. Infringement of these guidelines may lead to the withdrawal of the accreditation of that person by the IOC and their exclusion from the Games.
22/02/2008 - Singapore to Host First Edition of Youth Olympic Games
Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, announced via live web-cast Singapore as the host city of the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games to take place in 2010.

Nine cities – Athens (Greece), Bangkok (Thailand), Debrecen (Hungary), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Moscow (Russian Federation), Poznan (Poland), Singapore (Singapore) and Turin (Italy) – had applied to host the event. Moscow and Singapore were selected as the finalists by IOC’s panel of experts. The final choice was made by the IOC members who cast their vote via post over the last few weeks. Fifty-three of the 105 IOC members entitled to vote chose Singapore and 44 Moscow; IOC members from Russia and Singapore did not vote.

The Youth Olympic Games aim to bring together talented athletes – age group 14 to 18 - from around the world to participate in high-level competitions, and will also run, alongside the sports element of the event, educational programmes on the Olympic values, the benefits of sport for a healthy lifestyle, the social values sport can deliver, and the dangers of doping and of training to excess and/or of inactivity.

The first Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore will open on 14 August 2010 and will bring together approximately 3,200 athletes and 800 officials. The sports programme will encompass all the sports on the programme of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, but with a limited number of disciplines and events.

Where equestrian is concerned, competitions will take part in horsesport’s biggest Olympic discipline, Jumping, on borrowed horses. The FEI is currently working on the qualification criteria with the IOC. These will be made available as soon as they have been established.
Next events
San José (Equus) (CRC)
18/02 - 23/02/08
Thermal, CA (USA)
19/02 - 24/02/08
Vejer de la Frontera (Sunshine Tour) (ESP)
19/02 - 24/02/08
Villeneuve Loubet (FRA)
CSI2* / CSI B Amateurs / CSI1* (Young Horses)
19/02 - 24/02/08
Wellington, FL (USA)
20/02 - 24/02/08
Bremen (GER)
CSI4* /CSI A Amateurs /CSI B Amateurs /CDI3*
21/02 - 24/02/08
Hasselt (BEL)
21/02 - 24/02/08
Sakhir (BRN)
21/02 - 23/02/08
Vestfold (NOR)
CSI3* /CSIOJ /CSI A Amateurs /CSI B Amateurs
21/02 - 24/02/08
Bou Thib (UAE)
CEI3* 120km Ladies
22/02 - 22/02/08
Brno (CZE)
22/02 - 24/02/08
Truccazzano (ITA)
CSI2* /CSI B Amateurs
22/02 - 24/02/08
Dubai (UAE)
CEI3* 120km
23/02 - 23/02/08
Fernvale (AUS)
CEI2* 80km /CEIYJ2* 80 km
23/02 - 24/02/08
Comporta (POR)
25/02 - 02/03/08
Vejer de la Frontera (Sunshine Tour) (ESP)
26/02 - 02/03/08
Villeneuve Loubet (FRA)
CSI2* / CSI B Amateurs / CSI1* (Young Horses)
26/02 - 02/03/08
Barroca d'Alva (POR)
CIC2* / CIC1*
27/02 - 02/03/08
Wellington, FL (USA)
27/02 - 02/03/08
Niuriah (KSA)
CEI2* 100km
28/02 - 28/02/08
Ocala, FL (USA)
CAI 4-B /CAI 2-B /CAI 1-B /CAIP 4-B /CAIP 2-B /CAIP 1-B
28/02 - 02/03/08
Ravensburg (GER)
28/02 - 02/03/08
Burbank, CA (USA)
29/02 - 02/03/08
Costa Azul (URU)
CEI3* 160km+ /CEI3* 120km /CEI2* 80km /CEI1* 50km /CEIYJ3* 160km /CEIYJ3* 120km /CEIYJ2* 80 km /CEIYJ1* 50km
29/02 - 02/03/08

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