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Cyberhorse 2008
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Kelly Layne places at 2006 Munich....

Kelly Layne places at 2006 Munich Indoors Grand Prix Special, beats Swiss Olympic rider

Australia's Kelly Layne placed 5th in Sunday's Grand Prix Special at the 2006 Munich Indoors, beating Switzlerland's Olympic rider Patricia Bottani, who placed 6th.

With a total of 63.080%, she also beat the reigning Bavarian Dressage Bronze Medallist Carmen Rettinger, who rode Rivero II to a result of 61.280%.

"Feuer has only been with me for some 6 months," Kelly said about the horse. "I got him in Australia, shortly before coming here, and took him over to Germany. Feuer means Fire in German, and he has plenty of that. After an initial adjustment period, we are working together very well now, and what I like about him especially is that he loved to compete and be the center of attention. He thrives on crowds, the more the better, and this is also needed for a dressage horse, aside from all the usual requirements like great movements and willingness under the rider. My WEG horse does well at smaller shows but when it comes to really huge crowds, like we had at Aachen, he gets flustered and does not like it. Fire is exactly the opposite, when we enter the ring, he goes into "hey look at me, here I come" mode, and if he could, he would wave at the crowd in greeting. For this horse, being the center of attention is not a chore, it is a bonus."

Kelly says that she got Feuer, a 10-year old gelding by Flemmingh, from Australian breeder Maurie Bruce in Sydney. Next year she hopes to prepare him for the Bejing qualifications. "He is a very beautiful and forward moving horse," she says of her mount. " I took him here for the experience, to see how he would react before a big crowd in a large indoor venue, and I must say, he has passed the test with flying colors."

Next week, Kelly will now fly home for Christmas, and will be back in Germany early next year.

Grand Prix Special Results in Detail:

Grand Prix Special

1. Ludwig Zierer, Weltino (GER) 71.440%
2. Jochen Vetters, Fanano (GER) 70.280%
3. Jessica Werndl, Duke (GER) 69.400%
4. Olga Klimko, Highlight (UKR) 67.400%
5. Kelly Layne, Neversfelde Feuer (AUS) 63.080%
6. Patricia Bottani, Radisson Diamond (SUI) 62.680%

Photos by BLS

Cyberhorse 2006 Tess Crebbin


18 August 2019
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