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Intestinal parasites are a major cause of colic in horses!


In Australian horses, the incidence of tapeworm is reported to be as high as 62%. In those horses affected, the Australian infestation level is reported as an average of 99 tapeworms. Tapeworms increase the risk of colic in horses. They can cause gut ulceration and blockage of the ileo-caecal valve, twisting and even rupture of the gut, unthriftiness and a deteriorating condition that can result in death.


Large strongyles infest about 40% of horses in Australia and can cause fever, lameness, anaemia, gut problems and sudden death. If blood vessels rupture as a result of the infestation, a painful death could follow.


Cyathostomes (Small Strongyles)

These can cause severe large intestinal damage, especially if encysted larvae all emerge from the gut wall together. They can also lead to anaemia, diarrhoea and emaciation. They are the most common intestinal worm and are found in up to 95% of horses. They are most dangerous in young horses up to two years old.


These are the second most common internal parasite of horses in Australia, affecting up to 82% of all horses. The highest incidence is in the winter months, when bots attach to the stomach lining and damage its surface causing ulcers. The damage caused by bots to the lining of the stomach can lead to poor performance and condition.

Roundworms (Ascarids)

Roundworms grow to 60cm in length and an infestation can result in tissue damage (lung, liver), blocking of the bile duct and severe coughing. Roundworms, by feeding on the contents of the intestine, will reduce the horses's nutritional uptake, thus increasing the cost of feeding

Other Worms

Hairworms, pinworms, lungworms, microfilariae, intestinal threadworms and large mouth stomach worms.

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