Port Phillip Showjumping Club Pre Royal Show
25th & 26th August, 2001

Larmax Trading 1.15m class Jump off under Table C rules
Starters: 71 Jump Off: 21
Placing: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:  
1st Greg Stephens Claret Ash Clear Clear – 36.15secs  
2nd Leigh Shera-Jones Get A Grip Clear 1 rail – 42.25secs  
3rd Greg Stephens Spotted Gum Clear 1 rail – 42.97secs  
4th Mandy Allum Sam Song Clear Clear – 45.08secs  
5th Amanda Ross Otto Schumaker Clear Clear – 45.55secs  
6th Colin Wareing RP Henderson Clear 1 rail – 47.17secs  
Trevor Hatfield Equine Dentist – 1.30m class
Starters: 14 Jump Off: 2
1st Matthew Williams Another Flashback Clear Clear  
2nd Angela Dobbin GP Switchback Clear 8faults + 2 time  
3rd Amanda Madigan Philadelphia Clear + 2 time    
4th Jodie Armstrong Don Lun 4 faults – 76.26secs    
5th Greg Stephens Cobonah 4 faults – 76.55secs    
6th Adam Johnstone Icelandic Lad 4 faults – 78.58secs    
Newcomers Teams Event
Placing: Team: Rider: Horse:    
1st Port Phillip Showjumping Club Jimmy Brown Roswell    
    Rene den Hartog Swifts Duke of Diamonds    
    Angela Miller Tobin Boy    
    Cassie White Conductor    
    Greg Stephens Red River Gum    
2nd Sale Showjumping Club Hayley Kelly Woolabilla Tyler    
    Angela Bence Yarramin Park    
    Candice Gartung Tyson    
    Danial Watts Strongbow    
    Kevin Brotherson IN Stitches    
    Peter Kelly Miss Kidman    
3rd EFA Development Squad Number 1 Rachel Dunkinson Kimbriki Kingdom    
    Alex Rooney Hercules    
    Bryony Payne Apollo Bay    
    Camilla Forss Master Plan    
    Gabby Phillips Cal    
4th Victoria Squad (formerly NuFarm) Russell Morrison Katy K    
    Tom Selby EP Dillion    
    Jodie Armstrong Nautica    
    Matt Williams Monza    
    Amy Johnstone JHB BeeBop    
5th Peninsula Showjumping Club Adam Johnstone Touchstone    
    David Lever HP Maximus    
    Qona Naggs Whiskers    
    Melissa Coney Rocky Road    
    Ashley Clacey Rampaging Roy    
    Brett Simintat Top Walk    
6th EFA Development Squad Number 2 Samantha Harrington Percy    
    Jemima Wislon JR’s Princess    
    Hayden Kneebone Desperate Measures    
    Anthony Delaney Sonya    
Col Tyler Farrier 1.10m D Grade
Starters: 69 Jump Off: 7
Placing: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:  
1st James Harrington Financial Difficulties Clear 4 faults – 46.05secs  
2nd Annyka King Wondaree Without a Doubt Clear 4 faults – 52.29secs  
3rd Greg Stephens Red River Gum Clear 8 faults – 37.91secs  
4th Charlie Moffat Kelso Lady Joycie Clear 8 faults – 39.17secs  
5th John Bird Barney Rubble Clear 8 faults – 40.79secs  
6th Amanda Ross Otto Schumaker Clear 8 faults – 41.44secs  
Celtic Winners A&B Grade Championship
Starters: 24 Jump Off: 2
Placings: Rider: Horse: Round One: Round Two: Jump Off:
1st Becky Allen Lorikeet Clear Clear 4 faults – 48.75secs
2nd Adam Prime Saddle Up Night Linger Clear Clear Eliminated
3rd Matt Williams Another Flashback 4 faults Clear  
4th Brook Dobbin HR Roll the Dice 4 faults Clear  
5th Andrew Lam Harvey 4 faults Clear  
6th Amanda Madigan Philadelphia 3 faults 4 faults  
7th Alison Rowlands Country Fair 7 faults Clear  
8th Hayley Kelly Medicine Man 4 faults 4 faults  
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