BERWICK AGRICULTURAL SHOW - 24th and 25th February, 2001

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D Grade AM5
Starters: 39 Jump Off: 17
Place: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:
1st Dale Keefer JHB Olambu Clear Clear – 32.95secs
2nd Wes Joyce Iceberg Clear Clear – 34.10secs
3rd Kate Farrell Clifton Cat Clear Clear – 34.98secs
4th Charlie Moffat Kelso Lady Joycie Clear Clear – 35.09secs
5th Nick Roe King George Clear Clear – 35.33secs
C&D Grade AM5
Starters: 45 Jump Off: 19
1st Brad Trewin Miteega Clear Clear – 40.19secs
2nd Tinky Konecny Enlighten Clear Clear – 40.68secs
3rd Jane Powell Chilli Clear Clear – 41.11secs
4th Harley Brown Celtic Blue Diamond Clear Clear – 41.18secs
5th Murray Sproull Stolen Monarch Clear Clear – 41.53secs
Starters: 12 Jump Off: 5
1st Andrew Long Crossply Clear Clear – 45.80secs
2nd Peter Grant Saddle Up Paris Clear 4 faults – 40.90secs
3rd Adam Hanley Jimmy Dean Clear 4 faults – 41.11secs
4th Adam Johnstone Icelandic Lad Clear 4 faults – 43.60secs
5th Greg Stephens Cobbanah Clear 12 faults – 50.54secs
B&C Grade AM5
Starters: 21 Jump Off: 11
1st Adam Hanley Jimmy Dean Clear Clear – 42.19secs
2nd Cindy Morrison Fair Lady Clear Clear – 42.64secs
3rd Cindy Morrison Hot Lips Clear Clear – 44.00secs
4th Phil Stephens Myall Mo Clear 4 faults – 35.73secs
5th Phil Stephens Kerry Path Peppi Clear 4 faults – 39.76secs
Junior Table AM5
Starters: 16 Jump Off: 11
1st Leigh Shera-Jones Get a Grip Clear Clear – 28.45secs
2nd Jodie Armstrong Donlun Clear Clear – 29.42secs
3rd Michael Webster Pendragon Clear Clear – 29.81secs
4th Leigh Shera-Jones Fair Dinkum Clear 4 faults – 33.57secs
5th Jodie Armstrong Freckles Clear 4 faults – 34.51secs
D Grade – Table AM5
Starters: 39 Jump Off: 20
1st Tinky Konecny Enlighten Clear Clear – 39.59secs
2nd Tonya Holdsworth Why Not Clear Clear – 40.49secs
3rd Adam Johnstone Touchstone Clear Clear – 41.22secs
4th Michael Webster Tabua Clear Clear – 49.56secs
5th Brooke Dobbin GP Shine Clear 4 faults – 37.23secs
Andrew Garret Memorial A&B Grade Table AM5
Starters: 13 Jump Off: 3
1st Brad Trewin Miss Sully Clear 4 faults – 37.65secs
2nd Angela Proctor Jerry Lee Clear 4 faults – 40.76secs
3rd Richard Harman Thorough Going Clear 4 faults – 44.48secs
4th Adam Hanley Jimmy Dean 4 faults – 62.27secs
5th Greg Stephens Cobbonah 4 faults – 63.54secs
C&D Table C
Starters: 42
1st Greg Stephens Spotted Gum 57.03secs
2nd Elise Kiss BP Gadaffi 58.61secs
3rd Ally White Good Moves 58.95secs
4th Angela Proctor Hush 60.72secs
5th Catherine Quilty After Thought 61.08secs
NuFarm Stars of The Future Junior Jumping
Starters: 10 Jump Off: 4
1st Andrew Long Crossply Clear Clear – 29.17secs
2nd Amanda Eltringham Mr Bossy Boots Clear 4 faults – 26.66secs
3rd Jodie Armstrong Donlun Clear 4 faults – 27.98secs
4th Cindy Morrison Theodore Clear 8 faults – 26.28secs
5th Elise Kiss BP GAdaffi 4 faults
6th Cassie White Starplayer 4 faults