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13th April – 16th April, 2001

Event 1.Trophy class – Special Junior – Table AM3
Placing: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:
1st Tim Bruhn Semantics II Clear Clear – 35.25secs
2nd Tim Bruhn Goyim Clear Clear – 36.46secs
3rd Sam Williams Gadget Clear Clear – 37.57secs
4th Sam Turtle Peripheral Clear Clear – 37.74secs
5th Stephanie Cope Occhilupo Clear Clear – 42.97secs
Event 2.Junior – Table AM5
Starters: 16 Jump Off: 9
Placing: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:
1st Kristy Bruhn Monkey Mia Clear Clear – 32.19secs
2nd Lisa Barclay Aint No Worries Clear Clear – 32.77secs
3rd Nadia Schuessler Fledge Clear Clear – 33.41secs
4th Katie Clarke Red Ned Clear Clear – 33.45secs
5th Stephanie Djikstra Dalpic Clear Clear – 34.18secs
Event 3. D Grade – 6 points & under Table AM7
Starters: 56 Jump Off: 22
1st Sarah Willoughby Bojangles Clear Clear – 40.07secs
2nd Anthony Thomas Destroyer Clear Clear – 40.79secs
3rd Chris Shanko Jive Master Clear Clear – 41.19secs
4th Ingrid Kimpton Gaytime Clear Clear – 41.34secs
5th Judi Glennan Candyman Clear Clear – 41.81secs
Event 4. D Grade – Table AM3
Starters: 63 Jump Off: 17
1st Tim Shute Gumbuya Clear Clear – 29.92secs
2nd Sarah Willoughby Bojangles Clear Clear –31.09secs
3rd Nick Crowe Snowview Rajah Clear Clear – 32.15secs
4th Anthony Thomas Destroyer Clear Clear – 32.72secs
5th Diana Sutherland Delatite Stargazer Clear Clear – 35.47secs
Event 5. C&D Grade – Table AM3
Starters: 56 Jump Off: 13
1st Michael McLean Beltana Clear Clear – 38.52secs
2nd Jeff Bloomfield Aquilla Clear Clear – 38.92secs
3rd Rachael Gane Minnaumurra Spirit Clear Clear – 39.66secs
4th Ingrid Kimpton Beaudezuphur Clear Clear – 40.27secs
5th Anthony Thomas Destroyer Clear Clear – 52.73secs
Event 6. B&C Grade – Table AM3
Starters: 43 Jump Off: 10
1st Clive Reed Icon Clear Clear – 38.09secs
2nd Mark Nichols Man O Work Clear Clear – 38.75secs
3rd A. Dobbin Jerry Lee Clear Clear – 38.94secs
4th Harley Brown Celtic Blue Diamond Clear Clear – 38.97secs
5th Anthony Thomas Emmaville Intrigue Clear 4 faults – 37.51secs
Event 7: A&B Grade – Table AM3
Starters: 25 Jump Off: 10
1st Tim Clarke Harvest Moon Clear Clear – 36.66secs
2nd Jeff Bloomfield Williamsburg Clear Clear – 37.54secs
3rd Tim Clarke Spielberg Clear Clear – 50.40secs
4th Jeff Bloomfield Eloise de Semilly Clear 4 faults – 41.58secs
5th Robert Agnew Hero Quest Clear 4 faults – 46.57secs
Event 8: D Grade Championship – Table AM3
Starters: 55 Jump Off: 22
1st B. Dobbin GP Shine Clear Clear – 37.23secs
2nd Nick Crowe Snowview Rajah Clear Clear – 37.25secs
3rd Anthony Thomas Destroyer Clear Clear – 38.61secs
4th Mark Nicholls Chocolate Spider Clear Clear – 39.14secs
5th Tonya Holdsworth Why Not Clear Clear – 40.90secs
6th Anthony Thomas Kyandra River Ziacos Clear 4 faults – 36.52secs
7th Sarah Clark Teetotaller Clear 4 faults – 39.15secs
8th Tim Clarke Freedom Road Clear 4 faults – 41.35secs
Event 9: Power & Speed at 1.30m – Table A Article 284.2.3
Starters: 28
Placing: Rider: Horse:    
1st Bruce Harding Chain Reaction    
2nd Clive Reed Days Glory    
3rd Rachael Gane Minnamurra Spirit    
4th Tad McLean Play The Game    
5th Harley Brown Koyuna Blue Chip    
Event 10: Junior Classic – Table A Article 283.3.2
Starters: 12 Jump Off: 5
1st Kristy Bruhn Monkey Mia Clear/Clear Clear – 33.28secs
2nd Lisa Barclay Ain’t No Worries Clear/Clear Clear – 34.72secs
3rd Katie Clarke Dominant Lad Clear/Clear Clear – 35.00secs
4th Stephanie Djikstra Dalpic Clear/Clear Clear – 36.43secs
5th Katie Clarke Red Ned Clear/Clear 4 faults – 33.27secs
Event 11: The Blue Lakes Stakes – Table AM3
Starters: 41 Jump Off: 8
Placing: Rider: Horse: Round One: Jump Off:
1st Harley Brown Celtic Blue Diamond Clear Clear – 44.36secs
2nd Mark Nicholls Good Enough Clear 4 faults -
3rd Matt Wiliams Another Flashback Clear 8 faults – 41.09secs
4th Michael McLean Beltana Clear 8 faults – 41.33secs
5th Gina McDonald Yankee Dougle Clear 8 faults – 46.69secs
6th Clive Reed Days Glory Clear 8 faults – 53.31secs
7th Anthony Thomas Classic Style Clear 16 faults – 41.34secs
8th Tim Clarke Spielberg Clear 16 faults – 44.10secs
Event 12: A&B Championship – Table A Article 283.3.2
Starters: 17 Jump Off:
Placing: Rider: Horse:    
1st Damian Hanrahan Taboo Clear/Clear Clear
2nd Tim Clarke Harvest Moon 4 faults/Clear  
3rd Robert Agnew Hero Quest Clear/4faults  
4th John Patterson Mamuur Clear/4 faults  
5th Jeff Bloomfield Williamsburg 4 faults/Clear  
Leading Rider for Show: Anthony Thomas
Leading Horse for Show: Destroyer (Anthony Thomas)