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Class & Sponsor            Placing:Rider:               Horse:                             No. in class:
B&C Grade Table A          1st     Olivia Dawson-Grove  Rocketman (clear in 3157secs)      26 starters
                           2nd     Alison Rowlands      Wyndale (clear in 31.89secs)       9 in jump off
Sponsored by:              3rd     Russell Johnstone    Daacha (clear in 33.56secs)
Paddy's Baked Potoatoes    4th     Amanda Eltringham    Excavators Illusion (4faults in 28.69sec)
                           5th     Peter Grant          Saddle Up Paris (4 faults in 30.67sec)
                           6th     Alison Rowlands      Country Fair (4 faults in 32.38sec)
Open Power & Speed         1st     Russell Johnstone    Concierge                          12 starters
                           2nd     Harley Brown         Nitro
Sponsored by:              3rd     Alan Lansdowne       Cool Spot
Sparrows in The Tree Tops  4th     Brad Trewin          Miss Sully
                           5th     Harley Brown         Celtic Gold
                           6th     Alison Rowlands      Country Fair
A&B Championship           1st     Aaron Williamson     Carson (only clean round)          17 starters
                           2nd     Paul Brent           Hong Kong Harbour (4 faults)
Sponsored by:              3rd     Russell Johnstone    Showman (4 faults)
Yarra Glen Racing Club     4th     Richard Harmon       Thorough Going (4 faults)
                           5th     Harley Brown         Celtic Gold (4 faults)
                           6th     Stuart Ferguson      Viking Prince (4 faults)
Under 21 Championship      1st     Peter Grant          Saddle Up Paris (clear in 30.21secs24 starters
                           2nd     Hayley Kelly         Rudy (clear in 30.89)              10 in jump off
                           3rd     Matt Williams        Another Flashback (clear in 32.64)
                           4th     Amanda Eltringham    Exacavators Illusion (3faults in 36.05)
                           5th     Matt Williams        Gadget (3faults in 49.84)
                           6th     Olivia Dawson-Grove  Celtic Kryptonite (4faults in 36.22)
Class & Sponsors:          Placing:Rider:               Horse:                             No. in Class:
C&D Table A                1st     Brook Dubbin         HR Roll The Dice                   58 starters
                           2nd     Melissa Froesch      Samphire Louie
Sponsored by:              3rd     Richard Harmon       Belcam Aircraft
Yarra Glen & Lilydale Hunt 4th     Paul Brent           Harbourmaster
and                        5th     Russell Johnstone    Daacha
Yarra Valley Harness Racing6th     Desley Grey          Rioja
The Stars of the Future    1st     Lisa Staig           Rip Snorter (clean in 41.65secs)   9 starters
                           2nd     Dale Keefer          JHB Olambu (clean in 49.76)
Sponsored by:              3rd     Matt Williams        Gadget (4 faults in 41.09)
Nu-Farm Stars of the Future4th     Catherine Ferguson   Kestrel
                           5th     Olivia Dawson-Grove  Celtic Kryptonite
                           6th     Simone Baguely       Riccardo 2
Maiden D Grade - Table A   1st     Matt Williams        MP Bushman                         76 starters
                           2nd     Brad Trewin          Wagga
Sponsored by:              3rd     K. Bolmat            Kurtling
Glen Valley Produce        4th     Emily Anker          Stolen Success
                           5th     Richard Harmon       Questionable Bay
                           6th     Dale Keefer          JHB Olambu
D Grade Table A            1st     Paul Brent           Harbourmaster                      86 starters
                           2nd     Matt Williams        MP Bushman
Sponsored by:              3rd     Bronwyn Short        Liberty's Reflection
Stephen Jenkins - Morningto4th     Erin Hands           Negative Blaze
                           5th     Alison Rowlands      River Ash
                           6th     Peter Grant          Mercury