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"THE WARRNAMBOOL STANDARD" Greater South West Show Jumping Classic - 22nd January, 2000

Class: Placing: Rider: Horse: Sponsor of class:
Open One Round 1st Jeff Bloomfield Eloise De Semilly (imp) Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory
16 points & over 2nd Melissa Froesch Sister Act
3rd Russell Johnstone Concierge
4th Timmy Clarke Harvest Moon
5th Sarah Clark Jackson
6th Russell Johnstone Daacha
7th Jeff Bloomfield Williamsburg
8th Robert Agnew Hero Quest
D Grade 1st Jamie Kermond Red Shiloh (C - 31.40) Midfield Meat
Championship 2nd Ingrid Kimpton Hooray Bob (C - 33.77)
3rd Jeff Bloomfield Aquilla (C - 34.08)
4th Rebecca Allen Falcon (C 35.50)
5th Melissa Froesch Rustic Rouge (C - 36.17
6th Nick Roberts AEA Dutch Lorel (C - 36.56)
7th Stephanie Dijkstra AEA Xena (4 faults - 32.80)
8th Tim Howarth Bluestone (4 faults - 40.13)
A&B Grade 1st Jeff Bloomfield Eloise De Semilly (C - 41.87) The Standard
Championship 2nd Jeff Bloomfield Cadbury (C - 43.93)
3rd Jeff Bloomfield Money Talks (4 faults - 43.20)
4th Robert Agnew Hero Quest ( 8 faults - 41.29)
5th Rebecca Allen Kitiwake
6th Rebecca Allen Lorikeet
7th Melissa Froesch Sister Act
8th Rebecca Allen Don Lun
C&D Grade 1st Melissa Froesch Samphire Louie (C - 43.35) Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic
Championship 2nd Chris Smith Black Ice (C - 44.12)
3rd Nick Roberts AEA Dutch Lorel (C - 44.98)
4th Melissa Froesch Roman Warrior (C - 45.30)
5th Jamie Kermond Red Shiloh (C - 45.54)
6th Maurice Clarke Dominant Lad (4 faults - 43.55)
7th Damian Hanrahan Stawell Gift (4 faults - 45.15)
8th Sarah Clark Jackson (4 faults - 47.66)