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The Marcus Oldham Invitational Showjumping Challenge staged as part of Open Day Celebrations at the College on Sunday 27h Aug, has been hailed as a resounding success.

The 5-event program saw some excellent performances by all riders. Prac. Skills Coordinator Christine Johnson said "we have some extremely talented riders in the Horse Course this year and they have been able to provide some very exciting competition for all our Open Day visitors, families & friends."

Results are as follows:

Event 1 30cm Table AM3

1st Nina Greenaway riding Stan.

2nd Cheryl Dods riding Kip.

3rd Ashley Warner riding Spinner

4th Emily meccano riding Pushka

5th Claire Marsh riding Rex.

Event 2 60cm Table AM3

1st Brianna Judge riding Apache.

2nd Anika King riding Without a Doubt

3rd Cheryl Dods riding Kip

4th George Johnson riding Willy

5th Ashley Warner riding Spinner

Event 3 90cm Table AM3

1st Youki Iwasaki riding Bozeman

2nd Amanda Comrie riding Tassie Tiger

3rd Erin Anderson riding Laddie

=4th Rabecka McKenzie riding Murphy

=4th Chris Jones riding Jimmy

Event 4 1.10m Table AM3

1st George Johnson riding Trivial Pursuit

2nd Chris Jones riding Wilbur

=3rd Eleanor White riding Ace

=3rd Youki Iwasaki riding Bozeman

=3rd Rabecka McKenzie riding Pushka

=3rd Erin Anderson riding Laddie

Event 5 Top Score Table C

1st Youki Iwasaki riding Bozeman

2nd George Johnson riding Trivial Pursuit

3rd Amanda Comrie riding Tassie Tiger

4th Melissa Koop riding Apache

5th Chris Jones riding Willy

All the Horse Course students are looking forward to their Excursion to the Olympic 3DE in a fortnight's time.