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Class:                 Placing:Rider:              Horse:
C&D Table AM5          1st     Emily Hodgson       Samurai (34.07secs)
                       2nd     Lynn Lupton         McNab (34.73)
Sponsor of class:      3rd     Kain Chester        River Ash (35.73)
Glenbrae               4th     Allan Lansdowne     Cool Spot (35.96)
                       5th     Jamie Murray        Koyuna Mousetrap (36.04)
                       6th     Nick Roberts        AEA Dutch Lorel (36.19)
B&C Table AM5          1st     Russell Johnstone   Duell Time (C in 47.60 secs)
                       2nd     Harley Brown        Celtic Gold (4 faults in 38.88secs)
                       3rd     Nick Roberts        AEA Georgio (4 faults in 44.69)
                       4th     Matt Williams       Another Flasback (4 faults in 1st round)
                       5th     Olivia Dawson-Grove Rocketman (4 faults in 1st round)
                       6th     Jamie Murray        Carrig Mor (4 faults in 1st round)
A&B Table AM5          1st     Olivia Dawson-Grove Rocketman (C in 35.56 secs)
                       2nd     Russell Johnstone   Southern Eagle (C - 36.90)
                       3rd     Russell Johnstone   Showman (C - 39.84)
                       4th     Paul Brent          Hong Kong Harbour (4 faults in 34.91)
                       5th     Harley Brown        Nitro (4 faults in 37.19)
                       6th     Peter Grant         Saddle Up Paris (fastest 4 faulter-R1)
C&D Grade              1st     Phillip Stevens     Shameless (C in 24.23secs)
Championship           2nd     Phillip Stevens     Myall Mo (C - 34.45)
                       3rd     Adam Wooten         CC Hook (C - 37.23)
Southall Homes         4th     Nick Roberts        AEA Dutch Lorel (C - 37.56)
Phone: 03-9879 4400    5th     Jamie Murray        Koyuna Mousetrap (C - 38.28)
or mobile 018 399 145  6th     Russell Johnstone   Daacha (4 faults in 35.72 secs)
Open Fancy Dress       1st     Olivia Dawson-Grove Rocketman
Rescue Relay                   Rebecca Allen       Don Lun
Jumping places         2nd     Brook Dobbin        ?
                               Angela Proctor      ?
                       3rd     Holly Baird         ?
                               Leon Blunt          ?
Best costume           1st     Peter Grant
& presentation                 Lynn Lupton
of themes              2nd     Olivia Dawson-Grove
                               Rebecca Allen
A&B Grade              1st     Aaron Williamson    Carson (C in 44.00 secs)
Championships          2nd     Rebecca Allen       Lorikeet (C - 45.53)
                       3rd     Harley Brown        Celtic Gold (C - 50.91)
                       4th     Paul Brent          Hong Kong Harbour (4 faults)
                       5th     Russell Johnstone   Southern Eagle (8 faults)
                       6th     Paul Brent          Saddle Up Devotion (9.25 faults)
Open Height Comp.      1st     Adam Prime          ?
0.90cm                 2nd     Kirsten Neil        Big Beau
                       3rd     Kerry Sisselly      ?
                       4th     Peter Grant         Mercury