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BERWICK ANNUAL SHOW - 26th, 27th February, 2000

Saturday, 26th Feb, 2000
Placing: Rider: Horse: No. in Class:
D Grade - Table AM3
1st Jane Powell Jessie (clear in time of 29.84secs 60 starters
2nd Harley Brown Celtic Blue Diamond (clear-31.02secs) 17 in jump off
3rd Tina Valance Snow Spider (clear-32.88secs)
4th Belinda Simpson Kiamoto (clear-33.54secs)
5th Vanda Morgan Task Force (clear-38.24secs)
C&D Grade Table AM3 Sponsor: City of Casey
1st Alison Rowlands Country fair (clear in time of 38.85secs) 62 starters
2nd Brad Trewin Wagga (clear - 39.41secs) 19 in jump off
3rd Matt Williams MP Bushman (clear-41.10secs)
4th Robyn Brown Bondir (clear-41.81secs)
5th Tinky Konecny Much Ado (clear-42.78secs)
A&B Grade Table AM3 Sponsor: "The Springs"
1st Brad Trewin Miss Sully (clear in time of 33.64secs) 15 starters
2nd Brooke Dobbin GP Switchback (clear- 35.20secs) 7 in jump off
3rd Harley Brown Nitro (clear-37.24secs)
4th Harley Brown Celtic Gold (clear-38.07secs)
5th Angela Procton Jerry Lee (4faults in time of 37.95secs)
B&C Grade Table AM3 Sponsor: LJ Hooker
1st Greg Stevens Cobbonah (clear in time of 34.77secs) 35 starters
2nd Alison Rowlands Wyndale (clear-35.53secs)
3rd Adam Johnston Icelandic Lad (clear-35.85secs)
4th Mighty Express Brad Trewin (clear-36.53secs)
5th Belinda Simpson Imperial Prince (clear-36.78secs)
Sunday - 27th Feb, 2000
D Grade Table AM3
1st Colin Wareing Top Deck (clear in time of 27.86secs) 60 starters
2nd Amberley Thorpe All Ameican Boy(clear-30.49secs) 19 in jump off
3rd Dale Keefer JHB Olamlou (clear-30.71secs)
4th Angela Pructor Hush (clear-30.94secs)
5th Toby Billings Something Irish (clear-31.44secs)
Andrew Garrett Memorial A&B
Grade Table AM3
Sponsor: The Garret Family
1st Brooke Dubbin GP Switchback (4 faults in time off 41.54secs) 14 starters
2nd Harley Brown Celtic Gold (4 faults-44.02secs) 5 in jump off
3rd Alison Rowlands Country Fair (4 faults-50.41secs)
4th Brad Trewin Miss Sully (8 faults-39.31secs)
5th Brooke Dubbin Cormorant (Retired with 19 faults +
C&D Table C
1st Harley Brown Koyuna Blue Chip (50.95secs) 60 starters
2nd Phillip Stevens Kerry Park Peppy (51.00secs)
3rd Brooke Dubbin Wild Gambler (51.77secs)
4th Matt Williams MP Bushman (54.30secs)
5th Brad Trewin Another Ace (54.33secs)
Nufarm Stars of the Future Sponsor: Nufarm Animal Health & EFA Victorian Branch
1st Matt Williams Gadget (clear in time of 31.30secs)
2nd Cindy Morrison Theodore (clear - 32.02secs)
3rd Toby Billings Something Irish (4 faults in 1st round)
4th Lisa Staig Ripsnorter(4 faults in 1st found)
5th Russell Morrison Mr Terminator (4 faults in 1st round)
The Ern Barker Leading Rider Harley Brown