Melbourne Showjumping Club Showjumping Championships
Friday January 8th and Saturday January 9th 1999
Course Designers: Ring 1: Brian Craven from Bayles  Ring 2: David Sheppard from Coldstream

Friday 8th January

Event 1 – 85 cm Jumping Competition (Ring 1 Outdoor Arena)
Section A – 50 starters
Horse Rider
1. Grey Sovereign Belinda Simpson  
2. Bad Boy Billy Tanya Duncan  
3. Streaky Bay Belinda Simpson  
4. Levi Missy Baillieu  
5. Strollalong Katie Reid  
6. Mr Gibbs Renae Bloomfield  
7. Patchewollock Tony Erickson  


Event 1 – 85 cm Jumping Competition
Section B – 50 starters
1. Black Attack Stuart Abrahams  
2. W P Angus Jeff Bloomfield  
3. Kendalee Georgette J Richards  
4. Humble T McEwan  
5. Watgania Missy Baillieu  
6. M’Lady M Smith  
7. AEA Xena S Dijkstra  


Event 2 C & D Grade AM2 (Indoor Arena)
81 starters
1. C P Switchback Brook Dobbin This win made this horse B Grade
2. Jerry Lee Brook Dobbin  
3. Sister Act Melissa Froesch  
4. Brolga Sarah Allen  
5. Rock On Howard Ward  
6. Just Elmo Airlie McBride  


Event 3 Young Showjumper Classic for Five Year Olds
Judged by Lisa Stevens, Jack Gilchrist and Rick Eckhardt from the USA
16 starters
1. AEA Just de Pomme Nick Roberts This horse is a Dutch Warmblood by Jus de Pomme (Gold medallist in Showjumping at Atlanta). Bred in Holland.
2. Shoshone Park Charlston Tracy Yates A thoroughbred stallion
3. Wondaree The Barger  J Paterson-Robinson Sporthorse by Dreamtime of Wondaree
4. Flood Alert Jenny Parlevliet  
5. Belcam Aircraft Richard Harman  
6. Wondaree Espresso J Paterson-Robinson  


Event 4 - C &D Grade AM3 – Sponsored by Barry Plant Real Estate
25 starters selected from event 2
1. Sister Act Melissa Froesch  
2. G V Top of the Line Olivia Bunn  
3. AEA Inspiration Nick Roberts  
4. Rock On Howard Ward  
5. Lumber Missy Baillieu The fastest time, but 4 faults!
6. Combines Quarry Dust Oopy Kimpton  


Event 5 – Speed Championship - Sponsored by Barry Plant Real Estate
32 starters
1. Donlun Rebecca Allen  
2. Fair Dinkum Alison Rowland  
3. Bobby Royal Sally Harman  
4. GEC Lace Gavin Chester  
=5. Shackleford Brett Bertelsmeier From SA
=5. CT Aachatell Jamie Murray  

Saturday 9th January

Event 6 Greensborough Grain Store 90 cm Event (Ring 1 – Outdoor Arena)
Section A – 51 starters
1. Suave Scott Wessell from Clonbinane
2. Northern Taj James Bradshaw  
3. Sehr Chantic T Lawson  
4. Bad Boy Billy Tanya Duncan  
5. Whispers Debbie McMaugh  
6. Yankee Doogle Gina McDonald  


Event 6 Greensborough Grain Store 90 cm Event
Section B – 50 starters
1. Maybelline Camilla Forss from Doncaster East
2. Speedy Sam Olivia Dawson-Grove  
3. Moonchase J Simpson  
4. Persian Rolle Bianca Munnerley Jose  
5. Humble Tessa McEwen  
6. Irish Dew Melissa Froesch  


Event 7 Boral D Grade
79 Starters
1. Minimurra Spirit Rachael Gain from Modewarre
2. Shoana Kathryn Ferguson  
3. Fleet Street Flyer Rowena Lewis  
4. Lutin Nick Roberts  
5. Ablett  Mark Griffiths The winner of the Young Showjumper class in 1998
6. Accha Jessica Mills  


Event 9 16 to 50 Points Championship (Ring 2 Outdoor Arena)
31 starters
1. GEC Lace Gavin Chester from Sale. Gavin bred this mare
2. Sister Act Melissa Froesch  
3. TP Bella Donna Gavin Chester  
4. TEP Clover Flush Kate Farrall  
5. Jerry Lee Brook Dobbin  
6. Henry Higgs Greg Smith  


Event 10 Table C
35 starters
1. Fair Dinkum Alison Rowland from Yarra Junction
2. Danshari Jamie Murray  
3. GV Top of the Line Olivia Bunn  
4. Guest Habit Debbie McMaugh  
5. Cannonized Debbie McMaugh  
6. Peace Eclipse Ken Weir  


Event 11 Climax Engineering A & B Grade
26 starters
1. Another Flood Gavin Chester First competition day for this pair. Absolutely outclassed the rest of the field in the jump off.
2. CT Coincidence Jamie Murray  
3. Thorough Going Richard Harman  
4. Fair Dinkum Alison Rowland  
5. Guest Habit Debbie McMaugh  
6. Hero Quest Robert Agnew  
7. Shackleford Brett Bertelsmeier  
8. Paco Rabane Harley Brown  


Event 12 Sunbury Paving D Grade Championship
46 starters
1. Gilgai Stork James Paterson-Robinson
2. SD Light Moves Greg Smith
3. AEA Giorgio Nick Roberts
4. Mr Sandman Melissa Froesch
5. Country Fair Alison Rowlands
6. Lorikeet Rebecca Allen
7. Snow Spider Tina Vallance
8. Lauder Robyn Brown