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Top Team Trophy Championship Horse Trials 2003 held at Candlebark  17 and 18th May 2003

Hosted by Romsey District Adult Riders Inc. (RADAR)

 Individual Results

Level 1 Section 1A


Rider Name                                 Horse’s Name                                 Club                                                       Team Name

Jane Griffin                                 Mousetrap                             RADAR                            Go Like The Clappers

Level 2 Section 2A
Yvette Woodburn                           Woodinga                        Yarrambat                          C Strikers

Level 2 Section 2B

Jamie Portman                                 Dermott                                 Kinglake                             Lakers

Level 3 Section 3A

G Broom                              Poplars Farm Anniversary.             Echuca & District            The Quiet Achievers

Level 3 Section 3B                          

Annie Cusack                         Brannigan’s Impression             Freshwater Creek               Flying Creebers

Level 3 Section 3C

Sue McLennan                     Budapest                   Eastern Region                    Eastern Raiders

 Level 3 Section 3D

Jan Kennan                Let’s Cruise                                 Yarra Glen                                 Cruisin Along

Level 4 Section 4A

Kate Sherwood               Kateta Kip                     Goulburn Valley                     Goulburn Valley

Level 4 Section 4B                         

Lilian Duthie                  Ruzandi                                 Rosedale                               Rosedale Rebels Team 1

Level 4 Section 4C

Frank Waalwyk                    Atlanta Tarango                             Lysterfield                              Lysterfield 1

Level 4 Section 4D

Lorriane Hall             Woodstock Irish Luck                        RADAR                        Go Like The Clappers

Level 4 Section 4E                         

Lisa Portman                            Simpson                            Kinglake                              Lakers

Level 5 Section 5A

Kathryn Pempel                             Solid Rock                             Waminda                           The Orphans

Level 5 Section 5B

Anne Dickinson                  Chloe                       Merricks Rosebud                                 Glenvale Roses             


Team placings

1st Place                                 16.59                                 Kinglake RC                                 Lakers

Lisa Portman                        Sue Rab Jone                       Jamie Portman                          Sharon Smith

2nd Place                                14.66                                 RADAR                                 Go Like The Clappers

Lorraine Hall                        Jane Griffin                          Eleanor White                              Roger Lavell

3rd Place                               12.31                                 Riddells Creek                                 Riddlers

Mathew Neilson                   Melissa Cowburn                         Karen Slade                        Jayne Hanson

4th Place                               11.86                                 Combo                                 The Orphans

Kathryn Pempel              Sylvia Deppeler                    Rose Perot                              Kym Symons

5th Place                                 10.33                              Freshwater Creek                             Flying Creebers

Annie Cusack                           Ella Curray-Vonorx                       Cheryl Fort                     Sharon Chappell

6th Place                                 10.10                                 Aurum                                 Ace Eventers

Sophie Milne                    Ashlie Oliver                      Simon Sokolich                          Amber Amezdroz

7th Place                                 10.03                                 Claytons                                 Happy Campers

Lisa Bell                           Terry Campbell                     Bronwyn Farrar                             Melanie Farrant

8th Place                                 9.97                                 Mentone                                 Mentone

Jennifer Peacock               Rhonda Noble                 Anna Petrakos                            Jillian Wilcox

9th                                 Mission Impossible II                                 Upper Yarra

10th                                 Muddle Headed Wombats                                 Trentham

11th                                 Cruisin Along                                 Yarra Glen & Lilydale

12th                                 La Bombole (The Dolls)                                 Yarrambat

13th=                                 Three Pros and a Pimp                                 St Andrews

13th=                                 Ace Eventers                                 Aurum

13th=                                 Pyalong II                                 Pyalong

16th                                 Three Nings & A Nong                                 Rosebud

17th                                 Kilmore Keepsakes                                 Kilmore

18th                                 Eastern Raders                                 Eastern Region

19th                                 C Strikers                                 Yarrambat

20th=                                 Lysterfield 1                                 Lysterfield

20st =                                 The Quiet Achievers                                 Echuca & District

20th=                                 The Jokers                                 Riddells Creek

20th=                                 Goulburn Valley                                 Goulburn Valley

24th                                 2 Foxes and a Gentle Fowl                                 Wangarratta

25th                                 Hurstbridge Saints                                 Hurstbridge

26th=                                 Galloping Gals                                 Leongatha & District

26th=                                 Darc Secrets                                 Donval

26th=                                 Pyalong 1                                 Pyalong

26th=                                 2 Bucks and a Savage Fitz                                 Wangarratta

30th                                 Wyena Wine – os                                 Wyena

31st=                                 H.E.R.S                                 Glenvale

31st=                                 Combo                                 Echuca

31st=                                 The Noisy Campers                                 Monbulk and Clemitis

31st=                                 Country Girls                                 Bennison

35th                                 Hurstbridge Stars                                 Hurstbridge

36th=                                 Last Chance                                 Bulla

36th=                                 Bravehearts                                 Warranooke

36th=                                 Shittin Brix Still                                 Ballarat

39th                                 Don’t Camp Near Us                                 Monbulk Clemitis

40th=                                 I Need a Drink                                 Bulla

40th=                                 Ridgey Didge                                 Main Ridge

40th=                                 Fun & Games                                 Bullengarook

40th=                                 Pakenham Upper 2                                 Pakenham Upper

44th                                 Shittin Brix                                 Ballarat

45th=                                 Tarts on old Farts                                 Bendigo & District

45th=                                 Let’s Get Together                                 Yea

45th=                                 Maroondah                                 Maroondah

45th=                                 Melton Plains                                 Melton Plains

49th                                 The Wild Ones                                 Yarra Valley & Mountain District

50th                                 Dizzie Gizzies                                 Gisborne & District

51st                                 Kilmore Cool Kats                                 Kilmore

52nd                                 Misfits                                 Kyneton & Gisborne

53-90 N/A

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