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CSWWHT&HC May 12th 2001 ODE Results
1st Natalie Blundell Linden Pride 51.2
2nd Tanya Harding Jirrima Eternal Flame 67.8
3rd Suzanne Wright Highland Hero 69.0
4th Pamela Horsely Roll On By 74.0
5th Glenys Noble Voortrekker 83.0
6th Alex Owens Tintale Waves 102.6
1st Jodi Crawford BB Mountain Lion 50.8
2nd Kristy O’Brien The Gamekeeper 54.6
3rd Nicola Gilbert Tallanganda 55.4
4th Tracey Savage Cheeky Addition 56.8
5th Christine Hill The Saint 63.8
6th Peter Wright Gamble 67.4
1st Romy Horwitz Stollie 45.6
2nd Tanya Harding Jirrima Quest for Dreams 49.2
3rd Libby Webster Deek 66.0
4th Jacinta Austin Mingarra Impact 87.4
5th Melissa Morphett Pink Floyd 90.0
6th Helen Hicks Wendela von Jenkyn 95.2
Pony Club B/C
1st Katherine Wallis Brandon 55.8
2nd Jim Lomas Boots 64.8
3rd Courtney Howe Calypso Rhythm 71.8
Pony Club C/D
1st Natalie Krause Lentara Hot Gossip 55.6
2nd Emily Tonacia Boots 62.0
3rd Candace Boyton Smokin’ Jessie 69.4