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Adelaide International Horse Trials

NSW Riders have early grip on
Adelaide International Horse Trials

The leader of the inaugural Santos 4-star competition at the Adelaide International Horse Trials is New South Wales rider Natalie Blundell riding Billy Bathgate, on 70 penalty points.

The first phase of the horse trials, the dressage, was held at the Victoria Park Racecourse today.

In second place after the dressage is Stuart Tinney, also of New South Wales, riding Tex, on 85 points. He’s five points ahead of Matt Ryan, from New South Wales, on Overlander.

The only South Australian in the 4-star class, Tara Trebilcock, of Stirling, is in equal 7th place on 95 points, 25 behind the leader, on her mount Lewis.

Today’s leading combination of Natalie Blundell and Billy Bathgate finished 11th at this year’s Taupo, New Zealand, three star event.

Twentyseven horses and riders were tested in dressage today, which was the first competition at 4-star (Olympic standard) at the Adelaide International Horse Trials.

The exciting TAB cross country will be held in the city’s East Parklands tomorrow, Saturday, from 10.45 a.m., and the show-jumping phase will decide the winner on Sunday.