1st Shane Rose Mr Joe Cool 108
2nd Louise Baston Withey Woman 110
3rd Malia Chappel The Bear Essentials 118
4th Heath Ryan Flash Fred 132
5th Karen Foster Lexon 135
6th Heath Ryan Scribble 176
7th Sam Lyle Foxground Wildcard 203
8th Sarah Fitton Carisbrooke Talent 457
One competitor was eliminated on the cross country phase, two retired and one withdrew after dressage.


1st Shane Rose Kianga 95
2nd David Middleton R.U.N.V.S 106
3rd David Middleton Dragon Fly 113
4th Claudia Graham Diamon B Vogue 116
5th Ali White Timeless 117
7th Amanda Benson Mulberry 117
7th Craig Barrett Foxwell Road 120
8th Tanya Duncan King Felix 133
9th Tim Boland Starway 145
10th David Hotson Mischief 230
11th Anna Cullen Arthur James 279
12th Lionel Desanges Silverstone 292
13th Dorothy Grace As You Do 527
Two horse eliminated, one in dressage, one on cross country, four retired during cross country and one was not accepted at the final trot up.


1st Louise Baston Boambee Paddington Bear 88
2nd John Cooper Falcon Ebony 91
3rd Brad Saunders Winjarra 103
4th Kevin McNab Long Shot 104
5th John Cooper Falcon Ladyhawke 107
6th Kadi Eykamp Happy Hill 108
7th Kadi Eykamp Deltry Protegee 110
8th Rebel Morrow Oaklea Multipurpose 112
9th James Mead Freebooter 137
10th John Healey Hey Wong Way 147
11th Chris Hopkins Cool Louie 148
12th Berrie Deane Snert 162
13th Jessica Griffiths Miss Sinatra 234
14th Tim Boland Zillion 271
15th Malcolm Kerridge Joondooree Sonata 360
16th Weerapat Pitakanonda Midnight Hunter 386
2 horses eliminated on cross country, one retired and 3 withdrawn, one before trot up and two before showjumping.