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Wangaratta Horse Trials & O.D.E. 19th & 20th Febuary 2000
by Tom Christensen
Having been given a generous dressage start time, we arrived at Wangaratta on Saturday. As we left the comfort of our air-conditioned car, we were confronted with heat, wind and dust. Fortunately though, we were also presented with a well run event. Every year more and more people make the trip to Wangaratta O.D.E., and this years record number of 256 entries was a sign of things to come.

Many of "the names" were there. Michael Baker, Emily Anker, Amanda Ross and Nigel Thompson to name just a few. John Bird certainly deserves a gold star for "Most energetic competitor" as he came to this event with five different horses! Very busy fellow! Three competitors also travelled all the way from South Australia, including Ruth Iser who as I understand it, was one of the original organizers of the event which stems back some 13 years.

All classes, ranging from Training to Open Intermediate, provided an excellent opportunity to well and truly get into the Y2K eventing season. The show jumping was big (as it usually is at Wang.) and the cross country seamed relatively painless. Well, for most anyway. An incident on Sunday forced officials to stop the course at the second water element for around 20 minutes due to a minor mishap. The element was repaired and the event continued as smoothly as it had begun.

Thankyou to Tracy Jones (event secretary) for providing Cyberhorse with a summary of the results. And how did we (that's Tom and Wendy Shepherd) fare you may ask? Well put it this way. With Albury, Wandin, friends of Werribee and Melbourne International 3 Day (to name just a few) around the corner, we live to fight another day!