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National Dressage Championships
For Riders with Disabilities
Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th September.
National Equestrian Centre
K Road,  Werribee.  Victoria.
Friday's Highlights - Page 3
by Berni Saunders
Friday's warm-up competitions.
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Rex Skinner (other half of Anne) was
Chief Steward - He did not stop all weekend.  Great job.
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NSW Team member Janine Shepherd on her impressive horse
Rock of Gibralter - he is owned by Merle Speakman.
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Adam Cheer from the ACT performed well on this delightful paly.
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Katrina Clement on Southern Cross Zodiac
from NSW get some help in the warm-up
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Anika Croaker from Queensland riding the tall and leggy 'Charlie'
owned by Ms. Julie Jagot
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Jayne Craike from New Zealand riding Jane Goldthorp's
Kilof McOhl gelding Tribini McOhl (Beans).  I thought back to 'Beans'
competition appearances with his talented young rider
Belinda Capelin - they were very much an up and coming
Victorian combination.  Very sadly Belinda was killed in a
car accident and Beans moved in with Jane Goldthorp who is a
keen warmblood enthusiast from the district.
It was nice to see the horse out again.
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