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Cyberhorse 2008
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The Virtual Equestrian - How To Advertise
Cyberhorse is one of the most popular horse related sites on the internet. With 8 million hits per month and well over 200,000 visitors, we are well positioned to promote any product or service to our audience.

Our popularity is measured by the highly regarded Hitwise service, which regularly records Cyberhorse as one of the top 10 horse related sites. Click on the graphic in the Awards section on the right side of this screen to see our most recent ranking.

Cyberhorse has also developed The Virtual Saleyard - a world class specialised solution for internet marketing to the horse industry. Using this service you can promote horses for sale or syndication, stallion services, equipment, saddlery, property, employment, events and products and services.

Many listings within The Virtual Saleyard are free, but to achieve greater prominence, listings can be Enhanced. Essentially an enhanced listing has photos and other non-text information. Enhanced listings can also be liked to your web site, where buyers can find out everything else there is to know about your listing and your business.

A special category of Enhanced Listing is a Featured Listing. For as little as $55 a month, your listing can be Featured on the right hand side of each page within the Cyberhorse site. Your Feature Listing can be zoned so that it only appears in selected sections or it can appear on the whole Cyberhorse site.

Contact us for more information about how our unique Virtual Saleyard solution can help you to sell to the horse industry.

Web Site Construction Hosting & Management
Cyberhorse has constructed web sites for a large number of horse industry clients such as Collingrove Stud, Lindsay Park, Peter Horobin Saddlery, Martin O'Connor and Associates and Lynden Park Stud. What sets us apart is that not only can we create a sophisticated site, but we can also manage it on an ongoing basis and promote it once it goes live. Typically we offer clients a package which sees your site created, managed and promoted using a combination of editorial, Virtual Saleyard directory entries and Feature Listings.

If you already have a site developed in-house or by a developer, Cyberhorse can host your site and promote it to a horse industry audience on a continuing basis for one convenient monthly fee. Clients who have decided that the internet is important as part of their overall promotion, rapidly realise that Cyberhorse is capable of delivering a targeted audience at a very reasonable cost.

Cyberhorse Business Philosophy
Bill and Berni recognise that the horse industry is only just beginning to understand how to use the internet as a marketing and communication tool. As with all other media, its usefulness for advertising and promotion is dependent on getting to the right target audience in sufficient volume.

That is why Cyberhorse has based its business around creating high traffic services such as The Virtual FormGuide, The Virtual Saleyard and The Virtual Equestrian. These popular internet destinations attract thousands of visitors each day.

In turn, Cyberhorse's regular visitors ensure that clients for which it develops and manages web sites, derive attention not only from their own audience, but are constantly exposed to potential new clients. Our proprietary Virtual Saleyard software provides the mechanism to promote these other sites to Cyberhorse visitors and channel traffic to them.

This strategy works extremely well. For example, a major thoroughbred stud was getting about 1,000 hits per month before Cyberhorse redesigned their site and implemented its promotional strategy. During April 2002, only one year after the new site went live, traffic exceeded 250,000 hits.

Essentially, Cyberhorse is well worth considering as a strategic partner for any horse industry business wanting to develop and implement an internet strategy.


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