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Cyberhorse 2008
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Sydney Showjumping Club 15th November 2009

Sydney Showjumping Club 15th November 09

A beautiful day at Sydney Showjumping Club on Sunday 15th November produced some excellent showjumping.

Judges included Joyce Brook, Sue & Robert Nault, and Bob Brooks. Anyone interested in doing their judge training should contact Joyce Brook on 45763405. Courses were designed by David Lawrence and Mark Atkins.

Annabel Hawker was placed in the 1.10m riding Stoneleigh William

Results Ring 1

1a 60cm - Junior

1st Jo Pervis Jack
2nd Milly Johnson Chester
3rd Elizabeth Lowry Kismet

1b60cm - Adult
1st Rebecca Stephenson Precious
2nd Nikki Ryan The Boss
3rd Andy Moss Beerie

Optimum Time -1st Nikki Ryan , 2nd Elizabeth Lowry, 3rd Rebecca Stephenson

2a 70cm - Junior
1st Taylor Hawes Decree
2nd Georgia Perione Hot Chips
3rd Rachel Frogley Kooralyn Storytale
4th Peter Nocholas Missy
5th Milly Johnson Chester

2b 70cm - Adult
1st Kate Fawcett Queens Agent
2nd George Kavalos Wamme Against Fred
3rd Steve Richards Sky Blitz
4th Kim Steininger Comet

Optimum Time 1st George Kavalos, 2nd Kate Fawcett, 3rd Emily Redman

3a 80cm - Junior
1st Amelia Hunt Tanker
2nd Taylor Hawes Decree
3rd Pli Kane Ebony
4th Georgia Perione Bettle

3b 80cm - Adult
1st George Kavalos Wamme Against Fred
2nd Steve Richards Sky Blitz
3rd Kate Fawcett Queens Agent

Optimum Time 1st George Kavalos, 2nd Aoife Scanlon, 3rd Taylor Hawes

4a-1.10m - D- Grade
1st-Monique Barrett-Cosmos
2nd-Yuki Omori-It'll Happen
3rd-S Tripp-Currowan Shari
4th-M Knapton-Foxy Cleopatra
5th-M Knapton-Maxsim Ami

Yuki Omori on It'll happen were 2nd in the D grade

4b-1.10m - Height
1st-Grace Long-Shivers
2nd-Annabell Hawker-Stoneleigh William
3rd-Nathan Carswell-Cool Customer
4th-Monica Hereforth-Twins Pocketwatch

Grace Long won the 1.10m height class on Shivers

Nathan Carswell from the central coast was placed in the 1.10 riding
Cool Customer

1st-Colleen Brook-Greenback
2nd-Monique Barrett-Deo Jovaute
3rd-Andy Ellis-Spyderwick
4th-Jeremy Inglis-Oh Footloose
5th-Natasha Coxon -Penrose S

Natasha Coxon was placed in the 1.20m on Penrose S

1st-Carissa Holmes-Buster
2nd-Madeline Swanson-
3rd-Claudia Varela-
4th-Megan Abbey-
5th-Yuki Omori-Armatrading

7-Optimum Time-1st-Rachael Thompson, 2nd-Georgia Pirrone, 3rd-Elissa Schneider.

1st-Paul Davis-Step Aboard
2nd-Carissa Holmes-Buster
3rd-Elizabeth Lowrey-Repeat Performance
4th-Karyn Bond-Courageous
5th-Claudia Matthews-Air Time

8-Optimum Time-1st-Tom Sutherland-Give & Take, 2nd-Karinda Alpert-Alberto
3rd-Sally-Ann Gemenis-Emcee Squared

1st-Karyn Bond-Courageous
2nd-Luke Carter-Reef
3rd-Clare Watkinson-Love Grove
4th-Kim Steininger-Regal Concept
5th-Paul Davis-Step Aboard

On a disappointing note, on Sunday evening or Monday morning Jump club was broken into. The Front gate padlock and the padlocks of the storage container were cut with boltcutters. The Scag Turf Tiger,Brush-cutter, Chainsaw and cordless drill were stolen. The main item is the "Bright Yellow Scag 60" Turf Tiger Serial No. B6800181 model no. 8468A. We suggest there are not many around so if you sight the Mower please contact any of the Committee of SSJC or Const.Mark Pintatara at Hawkesbury Local Area Command on 4560 6999.

The next event at SSJC will be the End of Year Championships on 5th & 6th December. Competitors are reminded that all entries to be made through www.globalentriesonline.com

For more information contact SSJC Publicity Officer Christine Johnson 0412 405079 or email christine@teamj.com.au

Cyberhorse 2009 Cyberhorse



22 October 2018  
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