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Equestrian Results Sponsored By

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International Animal Health
Sydney Showjumping Club Competition - 16th August


Winter warmth at Sydney Showjumping Club 16th August 09

It was hard to believe it was winter at the Sydney Showjumping Club's Clarendon competition day on Sunday 16th August as temperatures rose to 29 degrees, but competitors were not deterred and near record numbers were entered.

Convener for the day, Jenny Shepherd said "We are delighted with the turn out here today and very proud of our ground and facilities. We have seen some excellent jumping in all three rings."

Spectators from Kandos Darren, Janet & Joe

"We are so pleased with the day, but would like to remind competitors to always check www.globalentriesonline.com to be sure they comply with pre entry requirements. We will be holding our next training day on Sunday 6th September," Jenny added.

Mark Atkins and Paul Tridgell designed courses and judges were Joyce Brook, Lin McLeod and Juho Luveer.

Leanne & friends

Mark Atkins

The SSJC Committee would like to send get well wishes to David Lawrence, one of the clubs most devoted members and a tireless worker, who has just "been released" from a lengthy stay in hospital. Looking forward to seeing David back in the Showjump arena.

Oakville Equestrian riders

60cm Junior
1st Ellie Merritt on Biggins
2nd Amelia Hunt on Blackie
3rd Jamie Torgillo on Liberty

60cm Adult
1st Paul Burkitt on Lucky
2nd Elizabeth Nutt on Poppy
3rd Alex Pope on Shine

Alex Pope

70cm Junior
1st Ellie Meritt on Lochie
2nd Tess McInnerny on Peaches
3rd Taylor Hawes on Star

70cm Adult
1st Christine Johnson on Jennifer
2nd Karen Higgins on Chesty
3rd Paul Burkitt on Lucky

Amy Robertson on Snob Mop

80cm Junior
1st Ellie Merit
2nd Tess McInnerney
3rd Felicity Handler

80cm Adult
1st Vicki Pepyat
2nd Isabell King
3rd Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson on Jennifer

1st Kelly Slater on Hes Crafty
2nd Monika Herforth on Pocket watches
3rd Larra Reynolds on Carribou
4th Kim Steininger on regal Concept
5th Clare Anderson on Brekko

1st Rachel Higgins on Dusty Rhodes
2nd Michael Knapton on Angel Park Celebrations
3rd Sharon Slater on Grady
4th Julia Hargreaves on Aston
5th Jessica Mitchell on Amazing Spiderman

Jennifer Mirchell on Patsy

1st Monique Barrett on Deo Juvante
2nd Sharon Slater on KS Windfall
3rd Jeremy Inglis on GH Footloose
4th Coco Miles on Candle
5th Jeremy Inglis on Jencoyet

Chris Burton

1st George Sanna on CP Ulixes
2nd Jono berry on Yandoo Mystique
3rd George Sanna on CP CP Aprilla
4th Emily Blinkworth on CP Rolex
5th Emily Blinkworth on Romantic Dream

Julia Hargreaves & George Sanna

1st Helen Hickey on Gerri
2nd Felicity North on Please Do
3rd Rachel Sutherland on Surry
4th Hannah Lewis on RL Sidney
5th Jessica Trip on on Honey Bee

Emily Blinkworth on Romantic Dream

1st Shannon OMeara
2nd Yukie Omorie
3rd Yukie Omorie
4th Luke carter
5th Jessica Tripp

George Sanna on CP Aprilla

1st Michael knapton on Regal Park Celebration
2nd Georgia Harvey on Valentino Rossi
3rd Michael knapton on Foxy Cleopatra
4th Julia Hargreaves on Tattiana
5th Rebecca McGowan on Jump Street

Lee Shephaerd

Cassie Looveer

For a calendar of events for 2009 go to www.teamj.com.au

All entries to be made through www.globalentriesonline.com

For more information contact SSJC Publicity Officer Christine Johnson 0412 405079 or email christine@teamj.com.au

Christine Johnson Media Release



20 October 2018  
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