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Clean & Germ Free - A Better Way!

Clean and Germ Free ... A Better way for all horses!

With many serious diseases easily passed from one horse to another, the importance of a clean germ free stable and equine environment cannot be underestimated. The cost of good equine husbandry is very small when compared to veterinary visits, tests and treatments - particularly if transmittable infections and diseases could be avoided by introducing a "clean and germ free" step into your daily routine.

Equine disinfectant is recommended for cleaning down stables, floats & trucks and all equipment as part of the daily stable routine.  Whether you have one horse or many horses it is a major part of good horse management to eliminate the source of infections, diseases and viruses and ensure that skin conditions do not get out of control or are transmitted to other equines . When using the same equipment on more than one horse, equine disinfectant is an effective way to ensure that  the risk of cross contamination is minimal.

In stables where horses visit from other properties for lessons, training or farrier / veterinary services the professional establishment will ensure that equine health is a top priority and an effective disinfectant makes a significant difference in keeping the property safe for all horses.

It is important to use a proven and cost-effective equine disinfectant - Equine Health's specially developed product is ideal,  as this highly concentrated formula has a mixing ratio of only 25mls of  product in 4 litres of water, so the disinfectant will go a long way.

Equine Health's special purpose disinfectant is effective against the following viruses ...
(rare in horses but cases have been identified)
Escherichia Coli (associated with acute diarrhea in foals)Staphylococcus Aureus – associated with skin disease Streptococcus – associated with wounds
Pseudomonas Geruginose - associated with old wounds (gangrenous)
Clostridium - muscle infections
Klebsiella Choleraeus – common in foals
Enterobactor Aerogenes - common in foals
Candida Albicans - associated with skin infections & uterine infections.
Microsporum - Ringworm

Equine disinfection can be used as a wash for control of fungal infections and is an important part of good equine hygiene. It is recommended to use 25mls per 4 litres and left to dry on the coat. It can be repeated for 3 days and then follow up with an equine health shampoo to condition the coat.

Make "Clean and Germ Free" your motto for healthy horses, happy people and cost savings.

This article is sponsored by Equine Health Australia . Equine Health Australia have recently included the equine disinfectant in their range of products available in Australia. For more information about Equine disinfectant , please contact Equine Health Australia on 61 (0) 403 474 100
or go to their website www.equinehealthau.com

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