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German Road Trip with Kelly and Rachelle - Part 2

German Road Trip - Part 2
By Kelly Bauer

Monday morning after a quick stop at McDonalds for Brekky, we were headed to Rahden and the Wittig Dressage Stables.

Above - Blind Date 7 year old chestnut mare by Breitling W x Donnerhall
Wolfram Wittig and his wife Brigitte are well respected riders, trainers and breeders of international calibre dressage horses. Brigitte had just returned from a double success at Aachen with wins in both Prix St George and Inter I riding the 7 year old chestnut mare by Breitling W x Donnerhall.

Brigitte Wittig


Wolfram is known not only for his sense of humour and down to earth attitude, or his great successes in producing top quality competition horses. He is also well known as the trainer of Isabell Werth and in Aachen was helping Aussie Hayley Beresford.

My old friend Tanya Seymour, who I worked with at Ulla Salzgeber’s was now based with the Wittig’s and so Rach and I were very excited to have a look around.

As we drove up the beautifully manicured drive, we were in awe before we even got out of the car! The property is spectacular. Not a blade of grass out of place, or dirty hoof mark anywhere to be seen.


Horse clipped bushes

Beautifully manicured driveway top the property


View of the Outdoor Arena

Paddock and Stables

Stable - inside view

Rachelle Wilson says
hi to some of the babies

Tanya Seymour riding her
Aussie horse ‘Albert’.

The indoor is well insulated for both heat and cool, with a surround sound stereo to break the silence (that I am told is often cranked up to blaring by Wolfram himself). Just a few steps away and you are in the preparation area with several cross ties for a warm wash bay, a solarium and blow dry unit that dries a wet horse in about 5 minutes and tacking up areas. There is a lovely outdoor arena with viewing areas from the garden and balconies. There are stallions, mares and riding horses of all ages, levels of training and competition. There are also several youngsters here that are destined to be top sport horses in the future. When we visited there were around 30 horses in work, mostly offspring from the Wittig’s own Stallions.

In the stallion stable, were 7 Stallions, Breitling W the Hanoverian Chestnut stallion is 172cm and 18 years old. He is the ‘big daddy’… the father of many horses found on the property. He is a stallion that has had much success beginning with his 30 Day test, as a competition horse he was part of the German team on 7 occasions and claimed several Grand Prix Titles.

Baldessarini, Biagotti, Blind date, Bertoli, Barilla, Berkeley, Brioni, Charatan oder Cayenne are the names of horses produced by Wittig that have had great success as World Championships, Bundeschampionate, Nürnberger Burgpokal as well as International Competitions. In Australia we have the little symbol for Aussie made and grown, I think the Wittig horses would all be branded with ‘Wittig made’ symbol.

Tanya Seymour is a Queensland girl who started working at Stall Salzgeber before heading up North to take up a riding position with the Wittig’s. Tanya has her Aussie horse ‘Albert’ with her in Germany and is waiting for a second horse to arrive from South Africa for her to train and compete.

Tanya Seymour and Ariane Dierkes are pictured below.  They are both working as riders for the Wittig’s.

Tanya Seymour and Ariane Dierkes

Tanya and her Aussie horse ‘Albert’

So after our little tour of the Wittig’s amazing property we were headed to the stable just down the road where the workers horses are stabled. Having not seen Tanya’s horse Albert for a year I was interested to see him. As he had lost a lot of condition from the trip over from Australia, it was nice to see a happy, big, round Albert who after a few days off was feeling a little fresh. Although the worker’s horses are stabled off the Wittig’s property, they are transported back regularly for lessons.

I was so glad that we had the chance to go and see such a wonderful stable and to catch up with an old friend.

Link to the Wittig’s website (only in German)

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11 December 2018
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