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Cyberhorse 2008
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CHIO Aachen 2009 - Aussies in Action!

June 26th to July 5th

Aussie At Aachen - Report  by Kelly Bauer (Germany)

The world is becoming a 'smaller place' and many Aussies are now based overseas or travelling regularly to take part at the major international events ... here is a snapshop review and list of the Australian rider's achievements, at one of the most popular and prestigious events on the international calendar - CHIO Aachen .

Hayley Beresford’s groom Sophie Akers and Relampago Do Retiro
find a few minutes to relax….

An Aussie shop was also
found in the massive shopping
complex in Aachen!

Not only were Australian riders out in force at Aachen 2009 ... but Australia was also represented in the very prestigious judging panel.  Taking her place with the best O Level Dressage Judges was Susie Hoevenaars ... Susie and Fred Hoevenaars took time out to talk to the riders and watch more of the action at the event.

Susie was also keeping a watchful eye on fellow Aussie, Hayley Beresford during a training session.

Aussie Susie Hoevanaars was judging the CDI Dressage. Pictured here - Susie and Fred keeping an eye on the form in the CDIO competition.

Edwina Alexander


Edwina Alexander

Sunday 5th July Rolex Grand Prix Jumping,.

2nd Isovlas Itot Du Chateau €80,000.

Saturday 4th Aachen Munchener Prize

5th Isovlas Late Night €3500

Wednesday 1st Warsteiner Prize

5th Isovlas Itot Du Chateau €3000

Youngsters Cup Finale

7th Nellypso Des Horts €280

Boyd Excell

Boyd Excell Team


Boyd Excell with his team: Monty, Winston, Capone II, Rambo.

Sunday 5th Prize from the Family Richard Talbot

1st in the Individual Classification €5000

Coca-Cola Prize

6th Obstacle Driving with Drive Off €450

Saturday 4th Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon Prize

3rd Marathon Driving Competition €3900

Friday 3rd Zentis Prize

7th Top Score Obstacle Driving €225

Thursday Time Shuttle Prize

1st Dressage test for 4 in hand €1800



Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britannia

Clayton Fredericks:
Mr Miller and The frog (right)

Friday 3rd DHL Prize Individual Dressage

2nd Lucinda & Headley Britannia

17th Clayton & The Frog

23rd Clayton & Mr Miller


DHL Prize Individual Jumping

2nd Lucinda & Headley Britannia

19th Clayton & The Frog

25th Clayton & Mr Miller

Saturday 4th DHL Prize Final Results after Cross Country

6th Lucinda & Headley Britannia €5000

10th Clayton & The Frog €1000

Mr Miller was eliminated on the Cross Country Course.



Lyndal Oatley & Potifar

Hayley Beresford & Relampago do Retiro

Wed 1st TeschinKASSO Grand Prix CDIO

27th Hayley Beresford & Relampago do Retiro

29th Lyndal Oatley & Potifar

Saturday 4th Meggle Prize Grand Prix Special CDIO

26th Hayley Beresford & Relampago do Retiro

27th Lyndal Oatley & Potifar

Lyndal (background) leaving and Hayley entering the arena for the
CDIO Grand Prix Special on Saturday morning.

For results from the Kur click the link below

Team Results can be found at the link below.

Individual results from the Grand Prix CDIO http://results.chioaachen.de/resultpage09/DRE/D2.asp


Kelly Bauer's Library of Stories

Aachen Preview

Aachen Day 1

Aachen Day 1 Press Conference

Aachen Day 2

Aachen Day 3

Day 3 Herzruf’s Erbe injured…. 

Aachen Day 4

Aachen Day 5


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Go to Kelly Bauer's Weisbaden 2009 Pictorial Report

 Go to Kelly Bauer's Report from Pferd International 2009

Go to Kelly Bauer's Weisbaden 2009 Pictorial Report

 Go to Kelly Bauer's Report from Pferd International 2009


Cyberhorse 2009 Cyberhorse


25 September 2018
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