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Cyberhorse 2008
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CHIO Aachen 2009 - Herzruf's Erbe Injured and Out!

June 26th to July 5th

Day Four  Report  by Kelly Bauer (Germany

Herzruf’s Erbe injured….

The biggest news from the Deutsche Bank Dressage stadium here on day four of the competition in Aachen is that Ulla & Herzi retired from the CDIO Grand Prix Special.

In what was a strange turn of events, somewhat reminiscent of Anne Van Olst and Exquis Clearwater from Denmark on Day two. Ulla Salzgeber and Herzruf’s Erbe entered the arena in fine form. Having passed the judges on the short side of the arena, they continued down the long side and in front of the judges box at B, something happened. Perhaps he knocked himself or made a funny step, but Herzi was instantly lame.

Ulla dismounted in shock and Herzi was lead tentatively out of the arena and taken to the vet.

The cause or extent of the injury is unclear, however he was taken straight to the vet clinic here in Aachen and we are waiting to hear more.

German Team Member, Ulla Salzgeber and Herzruf’s Erbe

Photos of Herzi just steps away from becoming lame and lastly of
him being led out of the arena by Frank Freund (Ulla’s rider)

I have my fingers crossed for this lovely horse that he makes a super speedy recovery and hope that we will see him again soon on centre stage.

Team Results can be found at the link below.

Individual results from the Grand Prix CDIO http://results.chioaachen.de/resultpage09/DRE/D2.asp

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