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Cyberhorse 2008
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CHIO Aachen 2009 - Event Review

June 26th to July 5th

Review by Kelly Bauer (Germany)
pics Berni Saunders

All 185 showjumping horses passed the vet check on Monday and at 9.30am today the show jumping kicked off with the first round of competition.

The trot up for the dressage horses is underway today from 10-12pm and tomorrow 12-12.30pm for the CDI horses.

Flying at Aachen ... Edwina Alexander and Islovas Pialotta
Pic:  Berni Saunders.

Aussies competing in Aachen this week…

Showjumping- Edwina Alexandra

Dressage- Hayley Beresford & Lyndal Oatley

Eventing- Clayton & Lucinda Fredericks

Driving- Boyd Excell.

Vaulting-  Krystle Lander

A little background about the show in Aachen….

The Organizing body, Aachen Laurensberger Rennverein was founded in 1898. Originally the ALRV was started as a horse racing club designed to liven up the day to day life of local horse enthusiasts.

The 1920’s saw the move to the bigger and better facility in the Soers, Aachen, and in 1924 the Club hosted their first ‘riding and driving tournament’ as opposed to the normal ‘race day’.   

In 1927 they hosted the first International competition and then two years later Aachen also hosted its first Nations Cup event.  From then on the show has got bigger from year to year and is known as one of the most important shows on any show calendar and is said to have the best atmosphere!

Nowadays the show is home to competition in Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Driving and Vaulting.

There are a total of 26 nations competing this year, with 300 riders, driver and vaulters with 500 horses! They are all competing for the prestige of having competed at Aachen, and also for a share in the whopping €1.6 million prizemoney!

If you are looking to do a little shopping in Aachen, be sure to have comfy shoes to walk around. There are over 170 exhibitors in over 200 tents, in total 14,000m² of tents!

To help make the horses feel at home, Aachen has 400 solid boxes to house all the important 4 legged competitors.  Supplying 18,000 kg of Oats and another 28,000 kg of hay, 1500 bales of straw to feed, and 600 bales of straw for bedding!

It is said that to be anyone in the world of equestrian sport, you have to have competed at Aachen.  The atmosphere is electric and the competition fierce.  However, as Klaus Pavel, the President of the ALRV says “Aachen stands for top sport - but also and above all for a folk festival".  

Here’s hoping that the weather forecast stays true and we have beautiful sunny days for the duration of the show.

Footnote by Berni Saunders - Aachen is a wonderful city and everyone celebrates the rich heritage of all things equine along with a love of horse sports.  Aachen is the city of rain and the organisers knew that mother nature could easily interrupt the timetable for the World Equestrian Games in 2006.

The German power company Stawag and the Aachen showgrounds organising committee got together and installed underground heating on the main stadium and also on part of the cross country track so that a torrential downpour would be drained and dried in a very short time frame.  During WEG there was such a downpour during the showjumping and centimeters of water sat on the ground - within 1 hour it was dry and gone with the grass beautifully firm and ready for the next competitor.  Here are some images of the beautiful historic city of Aachen and also the stables and grounds... enjoy!

The fountain in the main Aachen town square

Aachen is known for its historic buildings and cathedrals
many of them have been rebuilt and restored following wars.

The intricate and ornate buildings make Aachen a feast for the eyes.

The rear of the "rathouse"

Sidewalk cafe's attract visitors to the square

Entry to the magnificent Aachen Showgrounds.

Main Aachen Arena

One of the broadcast areas which overlooks the main arena.

A section of the Cross Country track which adjoins the main showgrounds
area - with the beautiful timeless German countryside as a backdrop.

Driving at the Aachen venue is a special sight

The trot-up area with tiered seating for the interested spectators.

View of stables

view of stables

View of stables

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11 December 2018
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