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Cyberhorse 2008
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International Animal Health
Global Champions Tour of France in Cannes day 2

GCT Cannes Day 2 

Mares continued their dominance of the GCT classes at Cannes when Oliver Guillon and new ride Kikuyu Du Coty improved on their first day placing to win the 8000Euro first prize in the only GCT class of the day. The Voltaire bred mare was formerly ridden by Ines de Balandra but she gave the ride the ride to Oliver two months ago. The horse was part of the  winning Nations Cup team last year in Zagreb when France regained their Super League status, so has always had plenty of ability and Oliver was looking for another ride after a couple of years bringing on his young horses in National shows,  having had to sell his best horse a couple of years ago.   

He was made to work hard for his money though, mostly by Team Ireland who were clearly determined to win this 1.50 class. Jessica Kurten set the standard on her rather wayward character Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois when third to go but her time of 69.78 had left the rest of the 37 strong field a little leeway. The slack was immediately taken up by Denis Lynch, next to go on his Olympic ride Latinus, who was over two second faster crossing the line in 67.57. This proved easily fast enough to pressure the others into making mistakes.

Another twenty riders had been before Lauren Hough managed to at least get in front of Jessica and split the Irish 1-2 with a time of 68.3. Her 8 year old gelding Urgent was contesting his first 1.50 class so this performance must give Lauren confidence about his future prospect.

Oliver followed her into the arena so her second place was very brief, but there was no hiding the delight of the French crowd  as his time came up on the board. He had to wait for a further ten competitors to go and had a nervous moment  or two as Dutchman Peter Geerink set  off because grey gelding Scotch was scorching round. However his time of 66.39 was only good enough for second place. With France, Holland, Ireland and the USA all featuring in the top four this was a truly international result that epitomised the Global Champions Tour mission to be the best in showjumping.

Details of tomorrows Grand Prix including the live scheduled broadcast may be found at

1.    Oliver Guillon FRA, Kikuyu du Coty, 0, 65.8
2.    Peter Geerink NED, Scotch, 0, 66.39
3.    Denis Lynch IRE, Latinus, 0, 67.57
4.    Lauren Hough USA, Urgent, 0, 68.3
5.    Jessica Kurten IRE, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, 0, 69.78
6.    Timothee Anciaume FRA, Litsam HN, 0, 71.11  

Oliver Guillon- “I have spent some time doing National shows and this motivates me to get into the top 30 rankings so I can be assured of future invitations to shows such as this. As for the Global Champions Tour, there is nothing to say, it is just great. There are not so many riders but the quality is so good you know any of them can win so this makes a great spectacle for the  public. This is my first time at one of their shows, I hope I  can come again soon to another.” 

Richard Spooner-”I am staying in Europe now for the next couple of months to do the GCT shows, I will go home after Rio. The reason I am staying is not to do Nations Cups, I will not be doing any more of those this season, but to do the GCT as it offers the best prize money and they are the best managed shows to go to. Obviously I could have gone back to the States after Rome but I have done the summer circuit there before and this Tour was very attractive to me.” 

Oliver Guillon from France with Kikuyu du Coty

Jessica Kurten and Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois for Ireland

Denis Lynch also for Ireland and Latinus

Lauren Hough from the United States with Urgent

Cyberhorse 2009 Lulu Kyriacou



20 October 2018  
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