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Cyberhorse 2008
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Pferd International 2009 - Munich Germany - Day 3

Day 3 Report and Pictures by Kelly Bauer

Day 3 began with a perfect weather forecast, sunshine, 25 degrees and a light breeze.

I was very much looking forward to another day of dressage at the massive Pferde International show in Munich. However, the autobahns were a mess and sitting in German traffic jams for longer than you would think possible I realized I was missing most of the tests. Sadly I decided to abandon the standstill of the autobahn, turn around and head home. Much to the relief of my poor little car! So I have a brief report for you with photos from the last two days where possible.

I look forward to getting back to the showground tomorrow (by train!) and being able to get another real report for you!

Intermediate I

The Inter I was underway this morning with much better weather than yesterday.

The Germans were given a real run for their money by the Dutch riders and had to settle for a third place while the Dutch took out the top two spots.

The winner of the class was Sander Marijinissen of The Netherlands, riding his 10 year old brown gelding Sander. Heading home now with a win in the Prix St George on Thursday and also the Inter I today with a score of 72.053%. (Photo below)

2nd Place went to Imke Schellekens-Bartels also of the Netherlands riding her 11year Old gelding Hunter Douglas Rhapsody scoring 69.368% . Also able to go home very happy with two second places in both Prix St George and Inter I. (Photo Below)

3rd Place went to Dorothee Schneider riding Polarzauber, a 13 year old brown stallion. With a score of 67.105% Sadly I have no photo of Dorothee.

4th Place went to Patricia Bottani and her 10year old gelding Pacito Vedstedholm with a score of 66.947% (Picture Below)

5th Place went to Victoria Michalke on the lovely 9 year old gelding Don Dee with a score of 65.895% (Picture below)

The Exquis World Dressage Masters Series

The second part of the new masters competition was underway this afternoon with a remarkable drop in the number of entrants from yesterday. With most of the big names dropping out for this second phase, the door was left opened for some of the other riders to step into the winners spot.

The winners in the Moorland Grand Prix Special phase B of the Exquis Masters, Munich was Sander Marijnissen riding the 15 year old chestnut gelding Moedwil. A score of 71.5% making this a most successful day for the Dutch rider with wins in both Inter I and Grand Prix Masters. (Photo Below)

2nd Place went to Catherine Haddad riding her magnificent 12 year old gelding Cadillac 35 with a score of 68.292%. A good result for the American and a big improvement from her 11th place in the first phase of the Masters series yesterday. (Photo Below)

=3rd Place went to Imke Schellekens-Bartels riding her 11 year old gelding Ferero with a score of 67.542% making another good result for the Dutch riders in the second phase of the series in Munich.

=3rd Place went to Anja Plönzke riding the 10 year old gelding Le Mont d’or with 67.542%. Also improving her result from 9th in the first phase of the series yesterday. (Photo Below)

5th Place went to Nadine Capellmann riding the infamous Elvis VA, a 13 year old Chestnut Gelding known for his presence in many German teams. With a score of 67.042%, this combination also managed to move up from 10th yesterday. (Photo Below)

6th Place went to Marc Boblet riding Whitni Star with a score of 63%. (Photo Below)

7th Place went to Dieter Laugks riding Meggle’s Weltall V.A with a score of 62.625% (Photo Below)


Results from the Grand Prix, and all other classes are available at:

You can also view the tests live on www.clipmyhorse.de

Day 1 Report by Kelly Bauer

Day 2 Report by Kelly Bauer


Go to Official Web Site

Cyberhorse 2009 Cyberhorse


25 September 2018
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