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Cyberhorse 2008
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Cross Country Results Rolex 3 Day Event



Australias Lucinda Fredericks takes the lead after cross country.

Lexington, KY – It was a sweltering day out on cross-country at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event that left Friday’s three leaders on top with first and second place swapping out.  Australia’s Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britannia took over the top spot after a double-clear round on a tough course that had an optimum time of eleven minutes and two seconds.  Friday’s leader Bettina Hoy of Germany and Ringwood Cockatoo slipped into second after going clear but receiving 9.6 time penalties.  Buck Davidson and My Boy Bobby kept their hold on third place with a clear round and just 1.2 time penalties.

Fredericks and Headley Britannia, the self-dubbed “two old women” had a great time on the cross-country course, especially the second half.  “She just motored,” Fredericks said.  “I had a fantastic ride over the second half of the course. It’s a bit easier riding to the bigger fences.  She can stretch if she’s got speed.”  The pair currently holds the lead with only 32.3 penalty points.

57Headley BritanniaLucinda FredericksAUS79.6778.6777.00--32.3  2----32.3  1------  --
51Ringwood CockatooBettina HoyGER82.0084.6775.67--28.8  1--9.638.4  2------  --
63My Boy BobbyBruce O. Davidson, Jr.USA74.0072.6775.33--39.0  3--1.240.2  3------  --
30Concrex OncarlosTim LipsNED73.3372.0070.67--42.0  4----42.0  4------  --
53Hildago de l'IleNicolas TouzaintFRA72.6773.6765.00--44.3  7----44.3  5------  --
61Woodfalls Inigo JonesLucy WiegersmaGBR70.3372.0071.33--43.2  5--1.244.4  6------  --
18Carousel QuestOliver TownendGBR70.0074.6768.00--45.2  8----45.2  7------  --
66SeacookieWilliam Fox-PittGBR71.0070.3371.67--43.5  6--2.445.9  8------  --
64ConnaughtPhillip DuttonUSA69.0068.0069.00--47.0  10----47.0  9------  --
11Brandenburg's JoshuaStephen S. BradleyUSA68.0065.6770.00248.2=13--0.448.6  10------  --
48LeylandAmy TryonUSA69.3365.6767.33--48.8  15----48.8  11------  --
2WoodburnPhillip DuttonUSA64.3369.0066.00--50.3=17----50.3  12------  --
42Critical DecisionMissy RansehousenUSA64.3366.3367.67--50.8  20--0.451.2  13------  --
40ArthurAllison SpringerUSA64.3367.0068.33--50.2  16--4.054.2  14------  --
41Opposition BuzzNicola WilsonGBR62.3365.0063.33--54.7  26----54.7  15------  --
31VauntedAshley AdamsUSA64.3361.0063.33--55.7  27--2.858.5  16------  --
24Arctic DancerRalph HolsteinUSA60.3360.0061.00--59.3  36----59.3  17------  --
14Killian O'ConnorJolie SexsonUSA69.3367.0069.00--47.3  11--12.860.1  18------  --
1Ballynoe Castle RMBruce O. Davidson, Jr.USA60.3360.6759.67--59.7=38--3.262.9  19------  --
33Somerset IISara DierksUSA55.6762.0057.00--63.2=43----63.2  20------  --
65Cruise LionBruce O. Davidson, Sr.USA64.0061.6762.33--56.0  28--9.665.6  21------  --
59Above 'N' BeyondTiffani Loudon-MeetzeUSA64.6761.3365.33--54.3  25--12.066.3  22------  --
12ColomboSelena O'HanlonCAN67.3370.3366.00--48.2=13--20.068.2  23------  --
43Acapulco JazzBonner Carpenter (YR)USA63.6762.6760.33--56.7  30--11.668.3  24------  --
22Esker RiadaCayla KitayamaUSA61.0059.6760.00--59.7=38--9.268.9  25------  --
29HollywoodKelly SultUSA53.3353.0054.67--69.5  46--5.675.1  26------  --
27Syd KentJan ByynyUSA61.0061.3364.00--56.8  31203.680.4  27------  --
62The Ghost of HamishPeter ThomsenGER66.0062.3366.00--52.8=23208.481.2  28------  --
4NavigatorWilliam Fox-PittGBR68.6769.6768.33--46.7  92016.483.1  29------  --
50The AlchemystDebbie RosenUSA61.6759.0060.33--59.5  37--27.286.7  30------  --
16MannyDiana BurnettCAN64.3364.0066.33--52.7  222015.688.3  31------  --
7JOS AladarJose Ortelli, Jr.ARG58.3355.6759.67--63.2=43--27.690.8  32------  --
25Che Mr. WiseguyRonald Zabala-GoetschelECU63.6761.3362.67--56.2  29--36.492.6  33------  --
52MacloudStephanie BoyerUSA62.3362.0061.33--57.2  32--37.294.4  34------  --
47Madison ParkKyle CarterCAN59.6760.3362.33--58.8  352020.899.6  35------  --
3JamBruce O. Davidson, Sr.USA60.3357.3360.67--60.8  402025.2106.0  36------  --
23GordonstownMadeline Blackman (YR)USA59.6755.6758.33--63.2=432023.2108.4  37------  --
60Buckingham PlaceTara ZieglerUSA51.3350.3350.67--73.8  494036.8150.6  38------  --
68JOS AquilesJose Ortelli, Jr.ARG----------  E------  E------  E
Eliminated On Cross-Country
6KingpinMike WinterCAN65.6766.0067.67--50.3=17E----  E------  E
35Quirinal de la BastideStanislas de ZuchowiczFRA60.3371.0068.00--50.3=17E----  E------  E
58The Good WitchJennifer Wooten-DafoeUSA65.0065.3365.00--52.3  21E----  E------  E
37EvereadyBarbara CraboUSA62.0060.3362.00--57.8  33E----  E------  E
21Buenos AiresSandra DonnellyCAN61.3359.3362.33--58.5  34E----  E------  E
26Kachemak BayKarl SlezakCAN58.0059.6757.00--62.7  41E----  E------  E
17Isabella IISusie BealeGBR56.6758.0059.67--62.8  42E----  E------  E
Retired On Cross-Country
54Chaos TheoryTamra SmithUSA55.6751.0049.33--72.0  48R----  R------  R
Withdrawn Before Cross-Country
32DobbinCorinne AshtonUSA68.3370.0066.67--47.5  12------  W------  W
67Wonderful WillMike WinterCAN64.6765.3364.33--52.8=23W----  W------  W
15CavaldiKristin SchmolzeUSA51.0051.6756.67--70.3  47

Cyberhorse 2009 Claudia Graham


18 October 2018
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