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Equine Holistic Health Workshop NSW 11-12/04/09
A two day Equine Holistic Health Workshop will be held on Easter Saturday & Sunday at Tenterfield, NSW. 

It will be held at the property of Victoria Ferguson, well known equine herbalist, horsewoman and author in association with Mr Trevor Wozencroft, who is an advanced therapist in McLaren Equine Photonic Therapy.

There will be four sessions each day divided between practical and technical presentations. 

Victoria will explain how natural feeding is the basis for true health and how to work out diets for a range of horses and conditions, as well as feed selection and evaluation of four different breeds of horses –  Thoroughbred,  Warmblood, pony and Quarter horse. 

Victoria will also outline how to use a herbal tool kit as the first line of defence in treating all health problems from life threatening to  common injuries & illnesses.

Trevor will outline how and why Photonic Therapy, acupuncture without needles, was developed by Dr Brian Mclaren, his diagnostic system, and a hands on demonstration of how to use this simple & effective healing modality.  Trevor is a well known Level 3 Equine Photonic Therapist trained by Dr McLaren, the Australian vet and scientist who invented Photonic Therapy for equines.

The workshop will be attended by horse owners and trainers from Brisbane, southern Queensland, Tamworth and the Hunter Valley.

The cost is $250 per person and includes morning & afternoon tea and lunch. Places are limited and bookings close on Monday 6th April.

Enquiries to

Victoria Ferguson (02) 67373740
or email

or Trevor Wozencroft (07) 46661071
or email


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