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Cyberhorse 2008
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Equitana News - Equitana Asia Pacific 2008 - Breeders' Village a Must!!!

Equitana Asia Pacific 2008

Story and pictures Berni Saunders

With just 4 months til the gates open, it is time for us all to consider the things that are a MUST at the new Royal Melbourne Showgrounds in November 2008. 

The organisers of Equitana say that the new 'horse friendly' venue has given them scope to include special features and many more horses ...  which will appeal to the wider community of horse lovers.  The 'Breeder's Village' will give students, horse owners trainers and riders along with all enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about their favourite breed or research some of the rare and unique breeds that exist in Australia ... in some cases,  the numbers are frighteningly small!

Most of the major breed and performance stud book administrators will be taking part and will have representatives and breeders to show stallions, mares and young stock ... and to answer questions.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the different breeds and also how the organisations which control the breeding guidelines are supporting their fans, owners and studs.

This is a list of some of the rare and special breeds which will be at Equitana - you can go to the Breeders Village pages on the Equitana web site to find out more about these breeds.

See the magnificent Dutch Friesian horse
they are making their mark in competition classes

Picture by Berni Saunders.

Friesian Horses

Gypsy Horses
Andalusian Horse Association
Australian Pony Stud Book Society
Australian Quarter Pony Assoc.
Avalon Stud
Double C Appaloosas
Gramayre Friesian Horse Stud
Gypsy Horse Assoc. of Aus
Highland Pony Society of Aus.
Irish Draught & Sport Horse Soc.
ISSA/Swedish Warmblood Assoc.
Peruvian Paso
Mb Quarter Horses
Moorooluck A.S.H. Stud (stock horses)
Morgan Horse Assoc.
Narrawin Stud
Surry Springs Gypsy Cobs and Southern Gypsies
The Waler Horse Society of Aus.
Welsh Pony & Cob Society
Haldane Icelandic Horses
Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Assoc.
Cayuse Sportalousas
Coffin Bay Pony Association
German Riding Pony
Australian Sports Pony Registry
Suffolk Punch

Meet Frederick Nash one of only 300 Suffolk Punch horses
left in the world.  This 2 YO is to be broken in for saddle and carriage.
His owner is concerned that the breed will  not have the support to
survive.  Come and meet "Nash" - Picture by Berni Saunders

Shire Horse,  Meet Noddy the World's tallest horse

Noddy stands 20.2 hands high makes him the world's tallest horse - he is
so cool and laid back ... and does not know what all the fuss is about!!!
Picture by Berni Saunders.

The Shire horse is one of the rarest horses in the world.  There are less than 90 Shires in Australia, with the total numbers worldwide only in the thousands. 

 he Shire horse originated in England. The earliest record of a Shire Horse was in 1066 just after the Norman Conquest of England.  Shires were used throughout English history to carry the heaviest of armoured knights into battle and to haul the heaviest of loads around England, while also working on the land.  In the 1900's, the Shire was close to extinction due to a combination of events, the depression, the coming of the tractor and truck industries and the cost of housing and feeding such huge horses.


Shires are the worlds tallest breed of horse, with stallions usually standing up to 18.2hh.  The most common colours are black, brown and bay with white feathers at their hooves.  Grey is rarer in the breed, while roans and chestnuts are not acceptable.


Luscombe Nodram or "Noddy" stands over 20.2hh. Noddy's grandsire, Ladbrook Invader was the World's Tallest Living Horse back in the 1980's standing then at 19.2 hands as an adult.  Noddy certainly has inherited his sire and dams genetics and he has a wonderful temperament.


One trait which the breed is renowned for is its very gentle and docile nature.  They have truly earned the title "the Gentlest of the Gentle Giants."


Do not miss the Breeders' Village and your opportunity to meet these very special horses and people.


Click Here to go to the Equitana Web Site

Cyberhorse 2008 Berni Saunders



18 January 2019  
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