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Cyberhorse 2008
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Melbourne 3 Day Event - 3 Star Dressage


Melbourne 3 Day Event
CCI*/**/*** & CIC-W***

Final Olympic Selection Event
June 6th - 9th 2008
3 Star Dressage
Story & Pictures Toni-Anne Collins

You can certainly see the progression from 2 star to 3 star. The horses seem to be calmer and not as disturbed by the indoor arena and the 3 sets of judges no longer seem quite so scary. Of course that could be based on the experience of the horses, or perhaps the horsemanship of the riders. Shane Rose made sure that he rode around the judges at C three times before entering the arena as the bell rang and Wendy Schaffer rode so close to spectators at both ends of the  arena, that her horse no longer found them a distraction, just part of the scenery.

This is the very serious end of the competition, the most experienced horses and the most experienced riders.

What separates them in the dressage test is what the judges look for at the most introductory level. Straightness, calmness, responsiveness.

There were many beautiful tests, but each rider found under the competition conditions that the little things, the basic training needed to be in place to ensure that their ride was straight, calm and there was a partnership between horse and rider.

The rein back took its toll on many combinations including the first rider of the class, Hamish Cargill on SS Sovereign Star. Hamish Cargill had an accurate test and showed lovely canter work, but his counter canter lacked the consistency that was required to put him in the top placings.

Hamish Cargill on SS Sovereign Star

Will Enzinger on Badger Bay

Will Enzinger’s rein back on Badger Bay was pretty much text book and the rest of the test demonstrated that same attention to detail and the judges responded with a great score of 43.5. Badger Bay’s flying changes were charged with personality and Will showed his consistent style of soft hands and sympathetic riding.

Sam Lyle, riding Interwin

Bayard ridden by Robert Palm

Sam Lyle, riding Interwin, produced a good test, but it lacked the accuracy and pizzazz of some of the other combinations on the day. Shane Rose and All Luck along with Megan Jones on Kirby Park Jester and Chris Burton on Newsprint all showed that effortless communication and worked in amazing  partnership with their mounts.

The exceptionally pretty Bayard ridden by Robert Palm was very energetic and forward, but the energy could not be contained at the beginning of the test and that lead them not being able to nail that first trot exercise.

Riding in a simple snaffle Shane Rose maintained straightness and rhythm on All Luck even though there was a slight battle of wits in the last step of the rein back. A beautifully accurate test with an exceptional halt that really caught the judges attention.

Shane Rose on All Luck

Olivia Bunn’s on GV Tuscany

The flying change on entry would not have helped Olivia Bunn’s chances for a perfect ride.  GV Tuscany seemed to be very keen on flying changes and you could see that he really wanted to do it again in the counter canter. He certainly made up for his exuberance with a superb rein back and canter transition, and when he was given the opportunity to perform a flying change in context it was beautiful.

Game Play had a great walk and performed a really even test under the direction of Kevin McNab. His nerves were highlighted like others though in the rein back.

With sweet flying changes and a very relaxed canter Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison gave every reason for Sonja Johnson to smile all the way through.

Kevin McNab Game Play

Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison & Sonja Johnson

Kirby Park Irish Jester showed a powerful rhythmic balance throughout his entire test. Megan Jones would have felt very confident with the straight, flowing movement that continued throughout the entire test. Megan and Kirby Park Irish Jester were not though mechanical in any way and personality shone through each flying change.

Megan Jones and Kirby Park Irish Jester

Georgia Clifford and It’s Monty

It was a shame that It’s Monty broke in the first extension. A big solid horse with a fabulous tail, lovely rein back and a calm canter Georgia Clifford's mount did a wonderful job which would be expected from a horse being ridden by someone who rides with such lovely soft hands and seat.

It was lovely to see Amanda Howell riding Barney Rubble . They make such an elegant partnership. His canter was so delicate, his trot so expressive and his walk calm and responsive.

There were so many wonderful tests, and the course has been set. With so little in terms of a cross country error between those running in the top 5 and those that are not, the decider will come over the next couple of days.

Amanda Howell riding Barney Rubble

Natalie Davies Chatswood Sharp Move

Katie Henderson on Bulletproof

Wendy Schaeffer on Koyuna Sun Magic

Emma Armstrong on Voortrekker

Natalie Siiankoski on Kolora Stud Archie

Chris Burton on Newsprint

Hamish Cargill Sandhills Tiger

Will Enzinger
on ESB Irish Endeavour

Sam Lyle on Classic Mischief

Robert Palm on He's the One

Deon Stokes on BML Blueprint

Olivia Bunn on GV Bullwinkle

Sonja Johnson on Ringwould Jaguar

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Cyberhorse 2008 Toni-Anne Collins


25 September 2018
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