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Cyberhorse 2008
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Baldham Stallion Show

Stallion Show at Baldham, Germany

February 17th, 2008: The Max Hof (Max Equestrian Facility) at Baldham has by now firmly established itself as a major venue for South German stallion shows, though it has only been going for a few years. The lavish equestrian estate seems to have plenty of funds behind it, and it shows not only in its incredible facilities but also in the breeding stations it attracts that came to show their stallions here this weekend. Among them were the stations of Szasz, Holzeder, Bachl and the Schwaiganger state stud.

Impressions from Baldham

Holzeder presented some very interesting new stallions, as well as showing some legendary known ones. Florestano, by Florestan out of a Dinard L dam, who is in the top 1% of dressage sires in 2007, was shown on hand this time, and had plenty of admirers and photographers crowding around him in the break between show and warm-up. Among those watching in the crowd was also his rider, Uwe Schwanz, dressage World Cup winner and one of the nation's foremost trainers, under whose saddle began the worldwide career of the dressage sire when the pair came into the finals at the Federal Championships. Like many of the region's top riders, he is currently taking a winter break and preparing for the start of the season here in late March/early April. Meanwhile, Johannes Holzeder shared some important news concerning his top young jumping sire Casinos: he is no longer at Holzeder for, his talent having been reciognized and spread beyond country boundaries, the exceptional youngster is now called Eurocommerce Dubai and was sold to the Eurocommerce team of Wim and Gerco Schroeder. However, he is still available through fresh and frozen semen via the Holzeder stud.

Top Dressage Sire Florestano on his way to the show ring

Horseless, top trainer Uwe Schwanz had fun with friends while watching one of his products, Florestano (by Florestan x Dinard L)

Also new at Holzeders', and staying on the subject of Eurocommerce, is Eurocommerce Samorano, a son of Stakkato out of a Wienerwald dam. And, speaking of "new" old blood, two of the most important stallion stations of Bavaria, Holdeder and Bachl, are both offering to breeders of jumping horses the rare lines of the Holstein Foundation stallion Farnese this year with direct grandsons: Bachl has the Fernando-son Figaro on offer, while Holzeder offers the Fantus-son Flaneur. Both stallions are available worldwide via frozen semen.

Johannes Holzeder on the Stakkato- son Eurocommerce Samorano

Rare Holstein performance blood and new in the Holzeder catalogue this year: the Fantus son Flaneur, grandson of the Holstein foundation sire Farnese

The Schwaiganger state stud showed the Asti Spumante son Arrivederci, under the saddle of the exceptionally talented rider Lawrence Greene. Greene, who is half American and half German, shared some fascinating news: namely that Que Sera, the Quattro son who was formerly one of the most loved stallions of Schwaiganger, is now making very happy his new owners in the United States who reportedly came by for a visit at Schwaiganger and fell in love with the beautiful chestnut to such an extent that they just had to have him!

Lawrence Greene showing Arriverderci (By Asti Spumante)

All things and beautiful horses considered, the real star of the day was, predictably, the Landadel son Landprinz, shown by his owner Sandor Szazsz. He was the horse that many in the capacity crowd admitted they had come out especially to see, and the impressive bay lived up to his reputation of being one of the flashiest stallions around. The horse has an enormous Fanclub of its own, and seems to enjoy posing for photographers to an almost equal extent as he enjoys clearing enormous jumps in a seemingly effortless manner.

Landprinz came, jumped and impressed at Baldham

Landprinz loves posing for photographers, while stallion station owner Tobias Bachl has a chat with Landprinz owner Sandor Szasz in the saddle

Last but not least, there was an interesting thoroughbred, approved for both the Holstein and Bavarian studbooks: the Monsun xx son Shamal xx was shown by the small stud of "Pferdewelt Mailham" and impressed with his looks as well as his exceptional bloodlines: on the dam's side, he has the legendary stallion Northern Dancer, being out of a dam by Sadlers Wells.

Impressions from Baldham

Catalogues and further information about the stud stations and their stallions' breeding terms are available through the following websites:

Holzeder: www.holzeder.de

Bachl: www.bachl-hengststation.de

Szasz: http://www.hengststation-szasz.de

Cyberhorse 2008 Tess Crebbin


11 December 2018
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