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Nicole Tough's Warwick Diary - Day 8 from "Morgan Park Town" -

Day 8 from "Morgan Park Town" -

First - I would like to make a sincere apology to Furney's produce - In the panic on Sunday (Day 2 ) I erronously reported that their feed was expensive. There was such a panic on Sunday, with everyone thinking we were stuck here with no feed - and rumours were flourishing. Being an untrained journalist - I should have checked my sources! I am learning as I go!!

Furney's have been wonderful! Any product purchased prior to the Government subsidy, is not being processed as personal expenses as the government subsidy will cover it. Warren at Furney's is ordering in anything we need. Sweetbulk have donated 11 tonne of Sweetbulk, and Equilibrium have donated pallets of their product! Have no doubt, the horses are not short of feed! Pity about their lack of appetite!!!!

There is 95% infection now, and our countdown doesn't start till 100% horses are infected, so we are not counting down yet. It is like a hospital here, with horses running high fevers, joint pain, lethargic, coughing, and thick yellow discharge coming from the nostrils. Zac and Milo are quite sick now - and its hard not to feel angry with the world.

On day 1 of infection, the vets give an anti-inflammatory to control fever. They cannot do anything about the virus. As Gold Coast vet, Janine Dwyer says, "A virus does its own thing." The next stage is the cough and yellow discharge, which the vets can treat and do so immediately with antibiotics. The joint pain presents like colic, and it is stressful. If only they could talk! and tell us its their joints and NOT their stomachs??? the other thing is that high temperatures dramatically slow down gut function - so their symptons could be colic!?

There are 2 "vet rounds" each day, where every horse is consulted and treated. Imagine 250 people sick with the flu - and you may be able to imagine how somber we are about the horses. As Anstead Vet, Nathan Anthony says, "We are seeing different reactions to the drugs than we have seen before."

Our QLD expatriot dressage rider and good friend, Denise Rogan is experiencing these adverse reactions. Denise's horse, Remi, went into Anaphalactic shock after his treatment and wasn't doing too well a few days ago. Denise - we are all thinking of you and sending Remi good wishes!

The biggest thing to worry about is secondary conditions, like pneumonia and laminitis.

Make no mistake - the horses here are sick! We do not want this virus spreading!

We just keep them out and about, walking and grazing, and watching them like a hawk!

As Nicole M, reported, there are plenty of sport and recreational activities organised, with a Ping Pong tournament, mobile library and so forth. They are also organising a movie night, and a seminar night. Everyone is doing their best to come up with activities to prevent us from going stir crazy! As Nicole reported it is "Morgan Park Town!"

Spare a thought for Andrew and Steffi Stevens of Courtland Performance Horses. Agisted horses returned to their property from Maitland ODE, unknowingly taking this foreign virus with them. To Andrew and Steffi, we hope your horses are well, and we are thinking of you!

 The vets here say after the horses are well, "They should not be worked for 30 days" - so that pretty much ends our competition year. Karen Herald from Caboolture - maybe don't process our State Championship entries?? 

To everyone at home -  just do your best to restrict farrier and vet visits and report anyone moving horses. We just have to ride this virus out. If we contain it, it will die out, and Australia will not lose their virus free quarantine status... This virus could be fatal in young stock, so let's all do our bit!

Thank you all for your well wishes! and thank you to Cyberhorse for printing our diary entries!

From the 2 Nicole's in "Morgan Park Town!"

Nicole Tough's First Report 

Nicole Tough Media Release


24 July 2018
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