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Cavalcade - Reins of Fire, Jean-Marc Imbert arrives in Australia - Page 2

Touring Australia Nationally in November 2005
Story & Pictures by Berni Saunders - Page 2

Jean-Marc Imbert and his horses arrive...

Above and below - Jean-Marc is the first into the container
which has carried his friends all the way from Germany.

"I bought these three horses for my Australian performances.  Nikito is special, he is a cross bred gelding.  Without him I would not be here, he is what makes Jean-Marc.  He is 21 years old and we have been together for a long time", Jean Marc told me. 

Nikito - Jean-Marc's long time partner and friend.

Then the stallion Yelo - also a cross bred.  He is 7 years old and was not going to come with us to Australia, Jean-Marc explains.  "My black horse  did not pass the Veterinary inspection to travel, his blood test was not right.  This was in late July and with just 7 weeks to prepare, Yelo has stepped in to the act and I have been able keep our Australian performances as we had planned".

Yelo - took up the job at short notice ...

The third horse is the chestnut trotting bred gelding named Javari De Lamothe.  "He has not raced" said Jean-Marc.  "You can see they are all very different types ... and all very good horses!"

Javari De Lamothe strides from the container to the truck.

The horses had their  Identification papers checked by Inspector John Durasavic (right)  from the Air Cargo Unit of the Australian Quarantine Department. 

As part of the routine arrival procedure, the horses had their temperatures checked before they were trucked  to the Spotswood Quarantine station for a two week stay. 

In quarantine, their health and wellbeing will be very carefully monitored and any sign of an elevated temperature or a 'snotty' nose, loss of appetite or failure to drink is noted.   These symptoms can be critical signs of early travel sickness or other infections which could cause problems if not detected and treated early - in a worst case scenario, the horse/s could have some serious illness which could potentially affect horses in Australia.  Authorities do not take any risks when it comes to protecting our equine population.

The horses were in the capable hands of IRT  (International Racehorse Transport) an Australian company established over 30 years ago and  specialising in the travel arrangements for some of the world's most famous equines.

IRT are very busy at this time of the year bringing  the International contenders to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.  The IRT Operations Manager, Chris Burke and Operations Assistant  Michael Panagakis (above) were very familiar with the procedures and got the job done in a friendly and professional manner.

Jean-Marc said "We will settle in and allow the horses to rest after their long trip and then we begin rehearsals for the show.  "I am sure Australian audiences will love what we have for them, we travel all over Europe and our performances are very popular." 

Thankyou for making the weather so lovely for us" said Jean-Marc and Sophie agreed that they were looking forward to our lovely warm Spring weather.

Jean-Marc and Sophie go in the truck to Spotswood with the horses.

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Cyberhorse 2005 Berni Saunders


5 December 2023
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